JHS student steals 12k from Teachers’ Credit Union; father asks police to deal with ‘stubborn’ child


A sixteen -year -old student of the Dodowa Methodist Junior High School (name withheld) is in the grips of the Dodowa police for robbing a Teachers Corporative Credit Union at Dodowa.

The suspect who is a juvenile, hence name concealed according to information is the son of a former Assemblyman for the Salem Electoral Area of Dodowa, Gideon Odoi Ansah.

Information available to atinkaonline indicates that the boy on Friday night had access into the building of the micro financial institution through the ceiling, broke the safe and made away with 12 thousand Cedis. He gave his accomplice whose name was given as Sean Paul Thousand Cedis, used some to buy iPhone and other items for himself. Police later found Ten Thousand Cedis in his Mobile Money account.

According to the information, staff of the Union detected the following day that a section of the roof had been altered and realized later that the safe had also been broken into  and some money taken away.

The Dodowa police, per atinkaonline checks, will  visit the suspect's school  on Monday to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the boy's age as mentioned. He will be handed  over to the Domestic Violence and Victim's Support Unit, DOVVSU, to deal with him within the ambit of the juvenile law if established that he is indeed sixteen years.

Gideon Odoi Ansah, father of the juvenile robber told the police that the boy is stubborn and asked the police to deal with him accordingly.

Meanwhile, the police are presently on a manhunt for the suspect's supposed accomplice who according to snippets of information available to atinkaonline, is hiding around Oyibi.

Ghana | Atinkaonline.com  | Edward Sebbie

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