Man stabbed to death by “mental patient” at Wa

A 35-year- old boutique owner met his untimely death on Wednesday after he was
stabbed in the chest by a mentally unstable person at Dourie, a suburb of Wa in the Upper West Region.
The unfortunate incident was triggered by a brief altercation between the victim, who is widely known as Osman and the alleged perpetrator, “Enyour” as he is popularly called in the area.
According to an eyewitness, Osman Yahaya, the mentally unstable person and the victim were arguing over the siting of the latter’s boutique on a piece of land, when out of the blue, he pulled a knife and thrust it into  the chest  of Osman, killing him instantly.
According to  Atinka News  Upper West Regional Reporter, Ahmed Saano, Enyour has been terrorizing innocent people in the area due to his mental state and that several reports made to the police concerning his violent nature have not been acted upon.
The victim’s remains have since been deposited at the Wa Hospital Morgue as investigations continue.
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