Di Asa: Akim Oda traders abandon shops to watch audition 


The  people of Akim Oda have really demonstrated their love for Di Asa since the  arrival of the Atinka Media village in the town.

Despite the time that the audition is running, which one would describe as a business time, the traders left their shops to concentrate on the audition. 

Aside some leaving their shops to watch the show, others also closed the shops so that don't miss a bit of the show.

All the commercial vehicles at the Lorry Station have also halted their activities  to watch the programme.

For some of the shop owners and drivers, they started asking the staff of AMV early in the morning when the programme will start, assuring them of their attendance.

They will not skip the event for any other thing. 

Meanwhile, the crowd keeps increasing.

Stay tuned to Atinka TV, Atinka 104.7 Fm and Atinkaonline.com for updates 

Ghana/Atinkaonline.com/Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori

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