Wendy Shay’s ‘one way’ weave-on is her brand so shut up – Bullet fires critics 


Artist Manager, Bullet, has fired critics for mocking the hairstyle of his artist, Wendy Shay.

The “Uber Driver” hit maker has come under attack from some Ghanaians for “putting on the same weave-on over and over again.”   

However, her manager, Bullet believes the attacks on his artiste are unwarranted, adding that the hairstyle is her brand.

Bullet, who was also the manager for late Dancehall star, Ebony, made the comments on his facebook page Monday 

  Below is the full statement: 

“Some Ghanaians hate to see young talented people progress.you guys did worst to ebony reigns when she was alive now is wendy shay.i dey beg una make you remove that your evil mouth from her,and those who dont get it, her hair style is her brand.if rufftown records can shoot 20,000 us dollar video for wendy shay then how much is weavon.Ghana support your own and stop the pull him down attitude!

Ghana | Atinkaonline.com 

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