National House of Chiefs reinstate Numo Osabu as Prampram Paramount stool Father

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The National House of Chiefs has reinstated Numo Osabu Abbey IV as the stool father of the Prampram Paramouncy, after a successful appeal.

Numo Osabu Abbey IV, had petitioned the National House of Chiefs, after his position was nullified by the Judicial Committee of the Greater Accra Regional House of chiefs some months ago.

The National House of Chiefs in it final judgement, set aside the ruling of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs on grounds that Numo Osabu Abbey IV was not Crosse examined during the hearing at the regional level on the matter, hence its judgement on the matter is nullified.

The judgement on Friday threw the Prampram township into a state of fanfare, as thousands of residents thronged the principal streets of Prampram to welcome Numo Keanu Abbey over his feat.

Clad in their white dresses amidst a brass band, dozens of natives of Prampram could not hide their excitement over the judgement, as they sang and danced to the admiration of passerbys and that of the vindicated Numo Osabu.

Speaking to Atinkanews, Numo Osabu Abbey IV, said his decision to seek an appeal at the National House of Chiefs following the ruling on his legitimacy as the Prampram stool father by the Regional House of Chiefs, stems from the fact that his capacity as the stool father was legitimate.

He said “How can the regional house of chiefs and some persons parading themselves as Chiefs of Prampram connived to deny me of my right, I was the very person who enstooled the current queen mother and chief priest of the area, so in what capacity did I enstooled them on”, he inquired.

He said with his powers given back to him, he will ensure a new Paramount chief is enstooled, describing the current embattled Prampram Chief, Nene Tetteh Wakah III as an illegal occupant to the stool, since he does not hail from any of the royal gates in Prampram.

Ghana/ / Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori