Amaliba: Judiciary most intolerant state institution (Audio) 


Private legal practitioner, Abraham Amaliba, has slammed the judiciary, describing it as the most intolerant state institution in the country.   

His harsh assessment follows criticisms against a research finding conducted by law Professor, Raymond Atuguba  on the Judiciary.  He presented the findings last Thursday at the 2018 GIMPA Law Conference.

After conducting research on 100 “political cases", Prof. Atuguba’s findings established that the voting pattern of Supreme Court judges were influenced by the party in power that appointed them.

However, the judges are unamused by the report, describing it as a complete insult to the judiciary.

Speaking to Atinka Midday News Monday, Mr Amaliba said the country’s judiciary finds it hard to accommodate criticisms because it views itself as untouchable.

According to him, unlike the two arms of government – Legislature and Executive, the Judiciary appears to be the most intolerant.

“Anybody who tries to criticize the judiciary in this country is vilified and attacked,” Amaliba argued.

He said the judges should have accepted the report in good faith and later point out the areas they disagree with instead of dismissing the academic work with utmost contempt.

 Audio attached:


Ghana |  | Isaac Nuamah Yeboah 

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