Three pigs maul four –year- old girl at Weija; attempt to eat her up


A four -year- old girl nearly  lost her life Wednesday at Ayigbe Town, Weija, after three stray pigs attempted to her up.

The little girl was saved by some Good Samaritans who got to the scene just after the pigs had pounced on her.

The victim sustained serious head injuries and currently on admission at the St Barnabas Hospital.

The mother of the victim, Madam Akua Serwaa, told the media that, she heard calls for help outside her house, minutes after sending her child to buy some items from a nearby shop.

To her surprise, her little daughter had been attacked by the pigs and was on the verge of being eaten.  She said the Good Samaritans drove the animals away and helped her send the daughter, who was in coma, to the hospital.

Madam Akua  Serwaa later told Atinka FM that, her daughter was responding to treatment.     

Meanwhile, residents of Weija Ayigbe Town are unhappy with the rate at which stray animals are attacking innocent people in the area. They are therefore appealing to government to intervene. 

The Assembly Member for the New Weija Electoral Area, Oduro Ampaw, has urged his people to kill any stray animal on sight to solve the problem permanently. 

Ghana |  | Jackson Gaisie

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