Top EQ coach Addison represents Ghana at Africa Emotional Intelligence Confab in Nigeria  


The Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference 2018 to be held in Lagos Nigeria is the largest gathering of Corporate Africa on emotional intelligence and it is the first ever of its kind to happen on Africa soil. This all important conference is slated for the 30th and the 31st of May, 2018.

Numerous researches show that emotional quotient is better indicator of success, compared to intelligent quotient and it’s globally evident now that our Emotional Quotient (EQ) is more important than our Intelligent Quotient (IQ) in any pursuit. In Africa however, there is still very low intentional and pragmatic utilization of Emotional Intelligence Competencies and Tools as a driver for increased productivity, improved profitability and optimized learning.

It is imperative to note that knowing Emotional Intelligence is different from using Emotional Intelligence so the ‘2018 Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference’ has been designed to bridge the gap between the knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and the utilization of Emotional Intelligence Competencies and Tools as a key driver for optimal productivity in workplace and education across Africa.

The conference brings together experts and industry leaders around Africa in the first ever Emotional Intelligence Conference for Corporate Africa and Africa Educational Sector to explore latest research, breakthrough tools, case studies and best Emotional Intelligence applications that increase workplace productivity and academic excellence.

Speaking alongside many giants is James Kwesi Addison, the first and the number one Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner in Ghana and a Social and Emotional Development Specialist, who is transforming Schools with Emotional Intelligence in Ghana and across Africa. He is the African Director for SESA, an initiative setup to explore Emotional Intelligence in the African Community.   

The conference is deemed by many participants as a rare opportunity to connect with Global Emotional Intelligence Practitioners around Africa and experts in Corporate Africa and will provide the platform to share proven approaches for putting EQ into action to increase effectiveness, improve wellbeing, strengthen relationships and improve quality of life.

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