Two-year-old hole-in-heart patient needs $6,000 for surgery


The family of 2-year old, Phyllis Akiwele Kambosiya, from the Kasena-Nankana East Municipal Assembly of the Upper East Region is seeking financial assistance of 6000 USD to enable their daughter who is diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect better known as a Hole-In-Heart, undergo surgery.

The amount, an equivalent of GHC 26,400.00 covers cost of surgery, anesthesia, intensive care and ward stay.

A medical report from the National Cardiothoracic Centre of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and served to the Children’s Heart Foundation indicates that little Phyllis Akiwele Kambosiya needs a surgery to correct the defect.

The family is however not able to raise the needed amount since she was diagnosed with the condition in November last year.

Mother of Phyllis, Eva Badidam, tells Atinka News’ Senyalah Castro Cazo her daughter has not been healthy since she delivered her. According to the mother, Phyllis’s health kept deteriorating despite several visits to the War Memorial Hospital for medical care until a doctor detected the defect and referred her daughter to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

She said at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, further tests were carried on her daughter and the results showed that Phyllis was with a Ventricular Septal Defect. 

 The mother of two and trader continued that the disclosure of her daughter’s condition and the amount of money needed to correct the defect came along with too much sadness as the family is unable to raise the specified amount.

The visibly saddened mother said the family in efforts to get help ran to the Children’s Heart Foundation with a letter from the National Cardiothoracic Centre in hand for assistance but nothing has since been heard from the foundation.

The family is, therefore, seeking financial assistance from individuals and corporate entities to enable their two-year-old daughter to undergo the corrective Hole-In-Heart surgery.

All assistance in favour of little Phyllis Akiwele Kambosiya can be sent through a Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) account number 9021010105207 with name, Eva Badibam or via mobile money on 0543822110.

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