Avoid negative influences when practising-Tobinco Chaplain admonishes pioneer EUCHS students

Reverend  Emmanuel Yirebi, the Group Chaplain of the Tobinco Group of Companies, has advised pioneer students of the Entrance University College of Health Sciences (EUCHS) not to allow themselves to be negatively influenced when they begin their professional careers.

Rev. Yirebi gave the admonition at a thanksgiving service held by the pioneer students of  EUCHS.  The students were offering appreciation to God for a successful and fruitful five(5) years stay on campus after their last paper on September 14, 2023.

The Chaplain preached a timely sermon titled, “INFLUENCE” and urged the students to pay the price so they are not negatively influenced in the pharma industry.

He posited that their kingdom influence will be felt in their practice if they genuinely repented as Christians, strongly hold on to an uncompromised personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, and lastly give preeminence to the place of God’s Word and Prayer in all facets of their practice.

According to Rev. Yirebi, these virtues when imbibed would add to their unique pharmacy training from EUCHS and make them outstanding pharmacists in the industry,

The five (5) year Doctor of Pharmacy journey on the EUCHS campus began from October 1, 2018, to September 15, 2023.

The Doctor of Pharmacy program is a six (6) year course that requires five (5) years of school work including internships (called Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences – IPPEs) during long vacations and a year’s fieldwork (called the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences – APPEs)

The PharmD students are expected to participate in these IPPEs in the various Community Pharmacies, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Industries, and Pharmaceutical Regulatory bodies. IPPEs are structured and sequenced to intentionally develop in student pharmacists a clear understanding of what constitutes exemplary pharmacy practice.

During the Thanksgiving service, the students expressed appreciation to the Chancellor of EUCHS, Elder  Dr. Nana Amo Tobbin 1, together with some management members and staff for their solid support all these years.

Mr. Ben Ameyaw, the Group Chaplaincy Administrative Assistant was also in attendance.

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