24-hr economy: Businesses will get “cheaper and more reliable electricity” -Mahama


Former President and flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, has given the assurance that businesses that take part in his 24-hour economy agenda will have access to cheaper and reliable electricity to operate at optimal levels.

Mr Mahama gave the assurance on Wednesday when he was delivering his New Year message to Ghanaians.

“The 24-hour economy will succeed because we shall provide improved security and public safety which will require massive recruitment into the security services and private security operations.

“My government will provide cheaper and more reliable electricity for those participating businesses based on a time of-used tariffs system, Mr Mahama said.

“Companies that sign up for the 24-hour economy will benefit from modern smart meters calibrated to charge a lesser tariff per kilowatt hour for power that is consumed during off-peak hours.

“Businesses that subscribe to the 24-hour economy policy will receive further tax incentives to reduce the cost of the operations and enhance their competitiveness,” he said.

The former President also promised to boost the manufacturing industry and transform the country into an export-led economy providing the world with goods made in Ghana.


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