Thursday, September 30, 2021

Begin reshuffle from Jubilee House- Owusu Bempah tells Nana 


Founder and Leader of the Glorious Word Power Ministry, Rev. Dr. Isaac Owusu Bempah has sent a message to the first gentleman of the land, Nana Akufo-Addo that the reshuffling of ministers that is yet to be undertaken by him should begin from the Jubilee House.

On his part, there are several appointees within the flag staff house who are staining his administration. To this, he charged the President to wipe out all non-performing persons from his administration.

“I’m telling the president, that the reshuffling he is about to undertake should begin at the Flag Staff House”

“If Nana Addo realizes that people are not performing their duties as expected, he should sack them and no chief or anyone should go and plead on anyone’s behalf. He said.

He commented that this was the same thing some people did when mahama and the NDC were in power that brought Mahama into trouble.

“I don’t know what has entered into some people within the NPP, they are chasing after money…there are things going on within the NPP which will not help them…2020 is not far away” he fired.

His comments are also against the backdrop of dissatisfaction and grief that have been expressed by some grass root members of the NPP who toiled during the campaign process but have now been abandoned by some leaders of the party upon capturing political power.

Interacting on Accra based Okay FM, he, however, said that he doesn’t mind when these party folks abandon him, but he feels the sentiments and the pain these grass root members are currently going through.

To this he said: “…No one should think that I need any money from any NPP man, or I need money from the NPP…I don’t need a dime from them…I speak the mind of God; whatever God tells me is what I say I’m neither for the NPP or the NDC.

“I can say on authority that since the NPP came into power, they have not given me anything… I get my own money and cars through the diligence in God’s work I do…since the NPP came to power, I have never asked for anything from,” he said.

“…Only a few people within the NPP have remembrance that it was a concerted effort by a number of people that aided the NPP to come into power. Rev Bempah expressed.

Ghana|| Odel Boaheng

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