Thursday, September 16, 2021

Community Report: Our Schools are dead!

Five-year-old Rita Amponsah, a kindergarten pupil, is already sweating from the many hours of waking the dusty road.

Rita and other children from the Mia W’ani village must walk a four (4) kilometer distance every day to attend the KORANSANG PRESBY BASIC SCHOOL, the only complete basic school in the Electoral Area.

As I watched through the camera, I wondered why the children carried plastic chair on their heads.

And why would the children go through such ordeal? Why are they running away from their own village school?

But when the cameras finally entered the community, the realities of rural education in this part of the country became clear.

Church drums compete for space with school children as pupils bend over benches during teaching and learning hours. Meanwhile their classroom block, now in ruins, is just waiting to kill anybody around.

That is why the teachers, parents and community leaders could not hide their frustrations: ”…. we cannot take this anymore”. ”An NGO offered to help us, but the MCE turned down the request ”. ”… they should not wait for any child to die before they take action”.

In this rural documentary, journalist Abubakar Sarpong explores the desperation facing basic school pupils from neglected communities in the Suhum Municipality.

Watch the video here:

Ghana|| Abubakar Sarpong

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