Thursday, October 7, 2021

DVLA detects forged documents covering four luxurious cars 


The Tema Regional Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has intercepted forged documents covering four luxurious cars. 

Owners of the vehicles, who forged the documents to claim that, they had paid duties and cleared by Customs, bolted away when they realized the DVLA had detected that the documents were fake and meant to defraud the state. 

The said vehicles involve a BMW X3, Opel Safina, Dodge Edge and Toyota Hiace 

The Tema Regional DVLA Manager, Atta Kumah Mensah in an interview with Atinka News, said each of the vehicles attracts about GHC70,000 duty, pegging the full cost at GHC2.8 m. He added that avoiding such payments through dubious means is a serious offence. 

He said although the perpetrators escaped after sensing danger, the DVLA has their pictures and other details and will partner the relevant agencies to track and arrest  the  alleged owners. 

Mr.  Mensah advised prospective car buyers to crosscheck vehicle registration documents or go to any DVLA office for the necessary scrutiny before making payments. 

He asked  buyers  to  “text Customs declaration number to 1477, be it registered or unregistered to ensure that the necessary duties have been observed”. 

Ghana | | Edward Sebbie 

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