Flora Tissues Atinka Kids Dance Season 2 launched

The second edition of Atinka Kids Dance has been launched with Flora Tissues as Headline Sponsor.

The launch, which was held at the Sika Hall, inside the Head Quarters of Atinka Media Village, was held on Saturday, February 3, 2023.

This was after auditions were done and contestants were selected to commence the main show.

Over 200 contestants, both individuals and groups auditioned for the second season of Atinka Kids Dance.

However, after a thorough screening, 80 out of the over 200 who auditioned were selected to take part in the game.

At the launch, the first show of the season was also held where all contestants were given the chance to perform to announce their presence to their fans.

The popular reality kids programme is set to function for 16 weeks. This includes first show to grand finale.

Each week, the children will be given tasks to perform with different genres of music to give audience varieties.

Atinka Kids Dance is a show that harnesses the dance talents of children and as well give them the platform to showcase their talents and to build their confidence.

The first season of Atinka Kids Dance saw a huge patronage, with Children showcasing their dance talents.

At the launch, the Director of Television, Nana Akomeah Marfo assured that this season will be mammoth and more exciting than the previous season.

He noted that for this season, the winner of Atinka Kids Dance will receive a cash of prize of GHC20,000.

The one who comes second in the competition will take home a cash prize of GHC15,000.

The third position will also take home a cash prize of GHC10,000.

Aside from the cash prize, they will all get goodies from the sponsors of the show.

Meanwhile, the position of contestants in the competition will be determined by 50 percent votes and 50 percent marks from judges.

To keep a child in the competition, one must vote to the short code *713*204# on all networks.

The show will always be live on Atinka TV every Saturday at 1pm.

Ghana| Atinkaonline.com| Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori


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