Journalists are also citizens, they deserve better – Kwesi Pratt fires


The Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Mr Kwesi Pratt Jnr says journalists are also citizens and therefore need to be treated better just like other citizens of the country.

He made the remarks at the opening ceremony of a three-day retreat dubbed, “Building Legacies in Welfare, Professionalism and Rebranding To Reposition GJA for A Better Future”.

The Executives of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) held its first retreat to brainstorm over policies and programmes that will strengthen the GJA as well as offer hope to its members.

The three-day retreat, dubbed, “Building Legacies in Welfare, professionalism and rebranding to reposition GJA for A better future”, was to also focus on some critical subjects including the welfare of journalists.

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Speaking at the Event, Mr Kwesi Pratt tasked the new Executives of the GJA to make the profession dignified and to make journalists also feel proud like any other citizens.

“You tend to get the impression that we are not citizens of Ghana, you tend to get the impression that we are not acting and practising also as citizens. Everybody looks at us and they tell us all kinds of things, how we should do our work and so on and it gets me very angry. I think it is time for us to make a statement that we are also citizens of this country and we are entitled to what every other citizen is entitled to and nobody contributes to national development better than us. We are all in it, that is the only way we can gain the respect we want,” he said.

Mr Kwesi Pratt also noticed that some leading or prominent journalists also talk down to journalists when they are elevated to some constitutional bodies or when they occupy top positions, saying that that must stop.

He also urged the GJA to always prioritise journalists anytime they have to serve institutions.

“You are our leaders, we elected you so you must serve us first. So, the alliance with other institutions against us must stop from now! Our leaders must work for us. They are not allowed to work for anybody beyond us, start working for us and if you work well for us, you work for the whole society,” he added.

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