Lotto winner who killed five whiles jubilating reports himself to police

The First Time lottery winner, Wisdom Kpodo, who killed five persons at Tegbi Vakpomda in the Volta Region whiles jubilating over winning a lottery and went into hiding has turned himself to the police for investigation.
According to reports, the unemployed young man, 30, crashed five persons few days ago with a friends taxi in the process of jubilation over winning a lottery for the first.
Reports indicate that the young man who has been staking lotto all his life and had never won became lucky for the first time, winning about GHS1,200 instantly.
His excitedness over the GHS1,200 made him hire a friend’s taxi and drove around town with his friends to Jubilate from Woe, near Tegbi to Keta, and from Keta back to Tegbi on top speed and shouting “No size no size”.
According to eye witnesses, whiles driving back to Woe, Wisdom who attempted to overtake a number of vehicles, lost control and ditched from the main road straight to a house, killing five at the spot at Vakpomda.
The victims include an old woman, Faustina Amegashie, a mother, Regina Edzia, 41, and three children, Rebecca Agbanavor, 17, Etornam Agbanavor, 9 and Charity Agbanavor, 2.
Those who were injured as a result of the accident are receiving treatment at the Keta Hospital.
Aside killing five, the taxi and the house in which it entered is damaged.
After the incident, Wisdom Kpodo went into hiding but after realising his mistake, he reported himself to the Keta Municipal Police for further investigations.
Ghana|| Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori


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