Man catches 35 grapes in his mouth while juggling


An Idaho man with multiple Guinness World Records for juggling combined two of his skills by catching 35 grapes in his mouth while juggling three balls for 1 minute.

David Rush, who has broken more than 200 Guinness records to promote STEM education, teamed up with frequent collaborator Jonathan “Hollywood” Hannon to break the record for most grapes caught in the mouth in 1 minute while juggling.

Rush juggled three balls for the 1 minute time limit while Hannon threw the grapes into his mouth.

Rush said it took some practice to learn how to not move his hands out of the juggling position while moving his face to catch the grapes.

The men were aiming to beat the record of 27, but another team managed to take the record with 32 before Rush and Hannon’s attempt was approved. In the end, they took the record with 35 grapes caught.

In other news: Oregon dog’s 12-inch ears earn Guinness World Record

An Oregon woman’s black and tan coonhound earned a Guinness World Record when each of her ears was measured at 12.38 inches long.

Guinness said Lou, a 3-year-old canine belonging to Paige Olsen, officially has the longest ears on a dog (living).

Olsen said she always knew Lou’s ears were “extravagantly long,” but she only decided to measure them while sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“All black and tan coonhounds have beautiful long ears, some are just longer than others,” Olsen, a veterinary technician, told Guinness.

Olsen said Lou’s especially long ears have not led to any medical complications for the canine.

“Of course everyone wants to touch the ears, they’re very easy to fall in love with with just one sighting,” she said.

Olsen said Lou is also a competitor at dog shows and has earned titles from the American Kennel Club and Rally Obedience.

Source: UPI


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