Rev. Dr. Opuni Frimpong berates vote-buying

Executive Director for Alliance for Christian Advocacy Africa, Rev. Dr. Opuni Frimpong has bemoaned the dubious manner in which leaders are elected in this country.

Speaking on Atinka TV’s late afternoon show, Agenda, with Nana Yaw Fianko, the revered clergyman attributed the monetary inducement which seems to have taken the centerstage in our election process to the ‘legendary’ and infamous delegates system which has come under harsh vituperation in contemporary times.

He further revealed that some flag-bearer aspirants go to the extent of sharing cars to delegates just to woo them.

According to him, the clandestine means of electing party executives and parliamentary candidates starts from the climax to the lowest echelon, making it herculean for one to be able obliterate it from our political landscape.

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