“See Something Say Something”: National Security Ministry takes campaign to schools

In a positive effort to strengthen community involvement in counter-terrorism measures, the Ministry of National Security, through the “See Something, Say Something” campaign, has engaged over 100 basic and secondary schools across the country.

This initiative aims at raising awareness about the “See Something, Say Something (SSSS) campaign among students using the “Catch Them Young ‘approach, highlighting the essential role of vigilant community members in thwarting potential terrorist threats.

The ministry visited some schools in the Tema West municipality on Wednesday. The team began at Tema Methodist Day Senior High School then at Tema Presbyterian Senior High Senior, the team proceeded to the Republic Road Primary and JHS and finally to the Adjei Kojo cluster of Schools.  

By targeting basic schools within these communities, the team aims to inculcate a sense of responsibility and awareness among the students, empowering them to participate in safeguarding their neighborhoods against terrorist activities using the “SALUTE” acronym, where “S” stands for Size of an object or specific features of an object, “A” stands for Activities of people. “L” stands for the location where an event is happening. “U” stands for Uniform or the attire the person is wearing. “T” stands for the Time an event is happening and finally the “E” stands for equipment being used to carry out an act.

In an interview with Kestar Osei of the Public Relations Department of the ministry,  he said the “See Something Say Something” campaign highlights the importance of citizens reporting suspicious behavior or activities to relevant authorities promptly.

Through interactive sessions, workshops, and educational materials tailored for school-aged children, the initiative seeks to equip students with the knowledge and confidence to identify and report potential security threats effectively.

The ministry is however urging the general public to report any happenings in the community which is a threat to our security on a toll-free line 999.

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