Stop burning weeds on cocoa farms-COCOBOD CEO to farmers


The Chief Executive of the Ghana Cocoa Board, Mr. Joseph Boahen Aidoo, has urged cocoa farmers to stop burning weeds on their cocoa farms.

According to him, when a farmer burns weeds on the farm, he destroys the quality of the land, especially the smaller plants that start growing.

He said that when you burn the weeds, you also kill the microorganisms that the land possesses.

He said this while speaking with Nana Yaw Fianko on Atinka TV’s Agenda show on Wednesday.

Mr. Joseph Boahen Aidoo observed that, in addition to burning unwanted plants, which may include smaller trees, some farmers also carry the logs to sell as firewood to people, implying that those who do this are selling their lands.

He said the Ghana Cocoa Board is advocating for the old way of cocoa farming, where farmers left weeds on the farms to decompose into the land instead of burning them.

He, therefore, urged farmers to stop burning weeds on their cocoa farms to preserve the land’s natural richness.

Meanwhile, he said other plants give temporal shades to the cocoa, noting that when farmers plant cocoa, they need to grow plantains, cocoyams, and others around it.

The Ghana Cocoa Board CEO also observed that growing cocoa is not an easy task, saying it only thrives well on loamy soil.

He described the plant as a special one, noting that it is a significant driver of Ghana’s economy.

Aside from that, he said there is a study that indicates that cocoa stimulates stem cells when consumed.

Mr. Joseph Boahen Aidoo encouraged the public to consume cocoa products daily, saying they have anti-aging properties that can make consumers look younger than their age.


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