Tobinco’s mom goes home Saturday, May 7 ; burial service to be held at State House

The burial service of the Mother of Elder Nana Amo Tobbin I,  Executive Chairman of the Tobinco Group of Companies, Deaconess Margaret Badu Tobbin, will be held on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

The memorial service be held at the forecourt of the State House from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m while the funeral rites will be held at Awudua in Tarkwa at 1 pm the same day.

On Sunday, May 8, 2022, a thanksgiving service will be held at the Church of Pentecost, Awudua-Tarkwa.

The final funeral rites will also be held at the Community Center at Awudua after the Thanksgiving service at 10 a.m.

The attire for the programme is black and white.

Deaconess Margaret Badu Tobbin who was born in 1937 died on 24th, December 2021 after she took a short sickness at age 84.

High-profile personalities including politicians, respected clergymen, corporate partners, and celebrities are expected to grace the occasion, which has been termed the celebration of the life of Deaconess Mrs. Margaret Badu Tobbin


Deaconess Mrs. Margaret Badu Tobbin was born in Awudua near Tarkwa, in 1937 to Papa Kwamena Essuman and Maame Asekyi, of the Royal Family at Asemankoma Kotokyere of the Apinto Awudua Traditional Area (both of blessed memory).

Her maiden name was Margaret Essuman. She was the tenth among eleven siblings. Her mother died early while Ama Badu was still an infant. Therefore, her upbringing fell on her father and senior sister Maame Twenewa.

Ama Badu did not have formal education. Her sister Maame Twenewa was a successful trader. She involved young Ama in her trading. From her senior sister, Ama Badu acquired the

skills and experience in doing business. She later exhibited these skills in her own businesses. Her first business was hawking in the trains from Prestea to Tarkwa and back. Her

wares included, bread, biscuits, toffees, chewing gums, soft drinks, etc.

Ama Badu was very humble, generous, and accommodating, right from her youth. These nice traits grew and became more prominent in her adulthood. She was a confident and affable person, who did not hesitate to speak her mind yet, she was very respectful and

exhibited love all around her. She was a great help to many of her siblings and relatives.

Badu’s first experience with marriage was not successful, she had three children, two boys, and one girl by that marriage. In the year 1963, she got married to a young scholarly gentleman by the name of Mr. Charles Amo Tobbin of Awudua, who was working with the State Construction Corporation (SCC), in Accra. Their marriage was blessed with eight children, five boys, and three

girls. Two are currently deceased.

To support her husband in the upbringing and education of her eleven children, Mrs. Margaret Badu Tobbin started selling plantain at the Malam Atta Market in Accra New Town. She

later went into selling clothes and children’s wares at Makola Market in central Accra, and in the evenings Mrs. Margaret Tobbin operated a tea spot in front of their rented house at Racco down, Accra New Town.

Later they moved to their own house at Anyaa, a suburb of Accra. There Mrs. Margaret Tobbin rekindled her business talents, took advantage of her new environment, and established many businesses. Some of the enterprises she operated include, a bakery, a cement store, a cold store, and the hiring of plastic chairs and canopies. She also engaged in transport business with three passenger trucks.

Notwithstanding all the above commercial engagements, Mrs. Margaret Tobbin did not relent on her duties at home as a wife and a mother.

Prior to her marriage, Mrs. Margaret Badu Tobbin was a Methodist at Awudua. But later converted to the Pentecostal faith and joined the Church of Pentecost. She attended church

regularly with her husband, at the Church of Pentecost; Accra New Town Assembly. She was baptized in the year 1963. Mrs. Tobbin, was a member of both the witness and the Women Movements.

She was called to the office of a Deaconess in Accra Central District at Dr. Thomas Wyatt Assembly by Pastor Parker of blessed memory in 1992. She was later transferred to join her husband who was the Presiding Elder at Avernor Assembly, a suburb of Accra. Together, Mrs. Margaret Badu Tobbin and her husband Elder Charles Amo Tobbin; served as officers of the church for thirty (30) years.  

As a Presiding Elder and his wife, a Deaconess; they were transferred from: “Dr. Thomas Wyatt Memorial, Accra New Town Assembly to serve in the following Assemblies: Avernor (15 years); Alajo (5 years); and Merry Vilas (5 years). Out of the thirty years, she supported her husband Elder Charles Tobbin’s ministry as a Presiding Elder for 25 consecutive years in 3 Assemblies.

In 2001, her husband Elder Charles Tobbin was retired from active service and they were finally transferred to Anyaa Assembly, New Awoshie District. Deaconess Margaret Tobbin

continued services at Anyaa Assembly, now Mount Olivet as a Deaconess of the church. After forty (40) years of marriage, their marriage was blessed in the year 2003 by Apostle Alexander

Nana Yaw Kumi-Labi, then-District Pastor of the church of Pentecost, at the Mount Olivet Assembly, New Awoshie District.

Deaconess Margaret Tobbin served in all the above assemblies wholeheartedly with love, kindness, humility, and a sense of purpose in the fear of God. She retired from the deaconess

service in 2017. Even after her retirement, Mrs. Tobbin did not rest from service to God and humanity. She joined the Church of Pentecost Retired Officers Prayer Fellowship and became an executive member of this prayer fellowship till she fell sick and could not actively participate in their meetings.

In her old age, the Lord sustained Aunty Badu Tobbin and delivered her from ailments that could have ended her life much

earlier. In His own time, after she fell ill for a short while, the good

Lord called her to Himself in glory, on the 24th of December 2021.


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