Vice President lauds Zipline’s partnership as beneficial

Vice President, H.E Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, has hailed the transformative partnership between the Government of Ghana and Zipline medical drone delivery service, as beneficial to healthcare delivery in the country.

Zipline, a leading provider of drone logistics delivery service, has been working hand in hand with the Ghanaian government to enhance healthcare accessibility since its establishment in 2019.

The partnership has significantly improved the distribution of vital medical supplies, particularly in remote and underserved regions of the country.In a speech delivered at the launch of his visionary plan for Ghana, Dr. Bawumia shared a saddening story of what led to his impassioned endorsement of Zipline’s drone technology.“I remember with so much pain when my father underwent an operation in Tamale Teaching hospital.

He was losing blood that night and the doctors were trying to get blood for him. We rushed to the blood bank but it was closed. I tried to get the phone number of the one in charge and made several calls to no avail. We were running against time and by the morning my dad had died. That painful experience is forever with me. So when I heard about the Zipline drone technology that could deliver blood and other medicines in an emergency, I was determined to get it for Ghana to save many lives that are needlessly lost”, Bawumia said.

According to the Vice-president, these efforts to secure Zipline’s presence in Ghana, including a pivotal meeting with co-founder Robert Keller in Silicon Valley, were a testament to his commitment to saving lives and addressing the logistical challenges faced by remote healthcare facilities.

In the past, healthcare facilities situated in remote and predominantly rural areas such as Nyangbo Sroe in Afadjato South, Afram Plains, Yagaba, or Yunyoo faced significant challenges in obtaining essential medical supplies, particularly during urgent situations such as snake bites, childbirth complications, blood loss, or natural disasters like floods. Tragically, many lives were lost unnecessarily due to delays in accessing crucial supplies in time. In response to this pressing issue, Ghana made the strategic decision to collaborate with Zipline, to scale-up the on-demand delivery service for medical supplies.

This has revolutionized the delivery of healthcare resources, especially to regions with limited access to conventional transportation networks.Ghana now boasts the largest medical drone delivery service globally, with six distribution centers in Omenako (Eastern Region), Mpanya (Ashanti Region), Vobsi (North East Region), Sefwi Wiawso (Western North Region), Kete Krachi (Oti Region) and Anum (Eastern Region), strategically located across the country, facilitating millions of deliveries, including vital supplies such as blood, medicines, and vaccines, to communities in need.


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