Zoomlion, Graphic Communications launch campaign to name cleanest region in Ghana

Waste Management Company, Zoomlion Ghana Limited, and Graphic Communications have launched a campaign to rank all 16 regions in Ghana and name the cleanest in terms of environmental sanitation.

The campaign which was launched at the HO Central Market in the Volta region will rank all regions on proper waste management methods and general sanitation practices which will attain a score of 60% by the assessment team as well as a 40% votes from the public.

The Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa, at a ceremony to launch the event, indicated that poor environmental practices remain a matter of concern in the various regions causing ill health among community members.

He said the main causative factor is indiscriminate waste disposal, which is due to ignorance, indifference, or complacency.

Dr. Letsa said the cleanest region ranking is an appropriate measure that will help cultivate good environmental sanitation practices through competition among regions.

“It will drive community participation by the involvement of people, schools, businesses, and local organizations by engaging in clean-ups, recycling programs, and tree planting initiatives,” he emphasized.


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