Anthrax outbreak: Consumption of goat and cow meat banned for one month


The Office of the Upper East Regional Coordinating Council has banned movement of all small ruminants including sheep, goat, pigs, cattle and dogs from the Eastern corridor of the Region, thus Bawku Municipality, Bawku West, Pusiga, Garu, Tempane and Binduri Districts, following the outbreak of the anthrax disease.

It has also directed the Municipal and District Chief Executives to ensure that slaughtering, sales and consumption of cattle, sheep, goats and dogs are banned for a period of one (1) month effective 6th June, 2023.

According to the Council, the Police have been instructed to apprehend or arrest any person or group of persons who flout(s) these directives.

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In a press statement, the Council said at an emergency meeting of the Regional Public Health Emergency Management Committee held on Monday 5th June, 2023 to examine suspected outbreak of anthrax in the Eastern part of the region, Bansi Community in Binduri, and Sapeliga Community in the Bawku West Districts respectively, following the notification of a suspected anthrax outbreak on the 31st May, 2023 to the region, it noted that Two (2) samples taken from two (2) cattle from the affected communities that were sent to Pong-Tamale Veterinary Laboratory were confirmed positive for anthrax.

“Therefore, an outbreak of anthrax has been confirmed in these two (2) Districts,” it stated.

The Office of the Upper East Regional Coordinating Council noted that as of Friday, 2nd June, 2023, seven (7) cattle and twenty-three (23) sheep and goats were confirmed dead in the two (2) named above communities.

Among humans, it said as of 5th June, 2023, thirteen (13) suspected human anthrax cases including one (1) death were reported from Bansi Community in the Binduri District, adding that eleven (11) human samples have been sent to Pong-Tamale Veterinary Laboratory and are awaiting Laboratory results.

Meanwhile, the Council said Veterinary Officers have been directed to commence anthrax vaccination of cattle, dogs, sheep and goats.

“All Owners of animals are to make their animals available for vaccination at their respective places of residence. The anthrax vaccination is free for now. The Regional Public Health Emergency Management Committee chaired by the Hon. Regional Minister requests the support and cooperation of all stakeholders at this moment before the outbreak becomes a Regional/National catastrophic,” the Council stated.

Ghana|| Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori


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