Stop using social media to blackmail your friends- Empress Gifty


Ghanaian award-winning Gospel Artiste, Empress Gifty has advised the youth to use social media wisely and not use it to destroy others.

She observed that some persons use social media to blackmail people, insult others, especially celebrities or popular people.

The Gospel Musician also observed that some friends also use social media when they have issues with their own friends.

Meanwhile, she was of the belief that social media should be used wisely because there is so much money on that platform.

Empress Gifty made the comments while speaking with Roman Fada on Atinka Drive.

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She testified the benefits of social media, saying personally, she has made a lot of businesses on social media aside from the promotion of her music.

She said even her popular jargons ‘Noko Fine’, ‘Noko wisdom’ went viral because of social media.

However, she observed that some people, instead of using the platform profitably, rather hire people to insult others.

She wishes people would use social media wisely instead of using it to ‘fool’.

“Now people are using social media to blackmail others. If someone has an issue with you, the person can sell you to a page for the person to insult you. Your own friend will use socia media to attack you ,” she said.

She continued,”I have used social media to work and so the social media that you are using to bully someone, or using to insult someone or using it to blackmail someone. You woke up in the morning and couldn’t pray but you went to a celebrity’s page to debate. You have channeled your strength to destroying someone. Have you thought of the consequences of what you write?. They should learn the good things there and embrace it because there is money on social media.”

To those who insult people, she asked them what they gain from it, advising them to channel their energy into getting something productive for themselves.

Meanwhile, she said sometimes, she feels very sorry for this generation, questioning if it was because of the data they have or it is something else.

Ghana|| Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori


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