Darling Lemon Amammere Hemaa: Grand Finale to be held Dec. 3


The Grand Finale of Atinka TV’s Darling Lemon Amammere Hemaa will be held on Sunday, December 3, 2023 at the Sika Hall inside Atinka Media Village.

The 13-week reality show will crown winners on the day with good prizes.

Over 30 ladies auditioned for the Darling Lemon Amammere Hemaa reality show after auditions were done at three main spots. However, at the grand audition, 17 of the ladies were chosen for the main show.

Throughout the weeks, they have done performances on various themes including traditional war dance, music, festivals, queens power, rites of passages and freestyles.

After all the eviction shows, five of them, Agyeiwaa, Naa Odey, Konadu, Maame Nyarkoa and Naa were evicted.

Currently, the remaining 12, Dzifa, Apaawon, Kessewaa, Vielon, Afi, Afriyie, Ahineey, Adepa, Awurama, Yaa Bode, Alifa and Dede will compete each at the Grand Finale for the crown, cash, Dubai trip and other prizes.

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There will be surprise artists on the bill at the grand finale.

The show will start at 4 pm with a red carpet session to interact with fans, families and friends of contestants.

Darling Lemon Amammere Hemaa is a reality TV show by the AMV to allow contestants showcase their knowledge of the rich Ghanaian culture including dance, songs, poetry, history, rites (Birth, passage, death), celebration of festivals amongst others.

The contestants were selected based on their knowledge and display of Ghanaian Culture.

The show runs Atinka TV and Atinka TV Ghana Facebook every Friday at 7 p.m and repeated on weekdays at 1 pm.

The public is also encouraged to vote for their favourite contestants on *737*216# on all networks to enable them to get higher marks in addition to that from the judges.

Atinkaonline.com will continue to update the public on all information towards the grand finale including tickets in due time.

Ghana| Atinkaonline.com| Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori


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