Darling Lemon Amammere Hemaa: Maame Nyarkoa and Konadu evicted

Two contestants of Atinka TV’s Darling Lemon Amammere Hemaa, Maame Nyarkoa and Kunedu were evicted last Friday.

On Friday, the queens performed on ‘Queen’s Power’ where they displayed their knowledge of the powers the Queenmothers of their various villages possessed.

After the show, Maame Nyarkoa and Kunedu were ousted because their performance did not encourage the judges and the fans as they had less marks and votes.

The two were given goodies by Miller and Marian Cosmetics and Fabric Centre.

Afriyie won the best performer while Awurama also had the best costume.

They also received packages from Miller and Marian Cosmetics.

Darling Lemon Amammere Hemaa is a reality TV show by the AMV to allow contestants showcase their knowledge of the rich Ghanaian culture including dance, songs, poetry, history, rites (Birth, passage, death), celebration of festivals amongst others.

The contestants were selected based on their knowledge and display of Ghanaian Culture.

The show runs on every Friday at Atinka Media Village at exactly 7p.m. and it is also telecast live on Atinka TV and Atinka TV Ghana Facebook at the same time.

The public is also encouraged to vote for them on *737*216# on all networks to keep their favourite contestants in the competition.

Meanwhile, the next show will be held on Friday, November 17th, 2023 at the sika.

Although the show is telecast live on Atinka TV at exactly 7 pm, studio audiences are to be seated at the Sika Hall by 6 pm.

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Ghana| Atinkaonline.com| Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori


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