Every Ghanaian must have a minimum of SHS education-Education Minister


Education Minister, Yaw Osei Adutwum, has underscored, the need for every Ghanaian to have at least a minimum of Senior High School Education to be able to meet the demands of the world, especially in technology.

He said this after touring the new AI Laboratories opened at the Wisconsin University International Ghana.

The Wisconsin University on Tuesday opened four state-of-the-art  labs.

These are the Training Digital Forensics Labs which are equipped with 32 workstations,  dedicated to providing hands-on training for students. It addresses a critical gap in the current educational landscape in Ghana, where many universities do not provide practical training in cybersecurity. By offering this hands-on experience, the university aims to better prepare students for the demands of the industry. This lab is specifically designed for practical purposes, allowing students to engage in various aspects of digital forensics, including drone forensics, IoT forensics, email forensics, and mobile phone forensics, ensuring comprehensive training before graduation.

A Commercially Graded Digital Forensics Lab was also opened at the University. This lab is designed to give students a feel of a state-of-the-art facility that meets commercial standards. It is intended to expose students to the standard operating procedures and setups required in the field. The lab is equipped with a variety of tools and technologies that are used in professional settings, and it is managed by lab managers to simulate a real-world environment. This exposure helps students understand the standards and protocols they will encounter in their professional careers, ensuring they are well-prepared for the industry.

The University also opened an AI Lab. Recognizing the pivotal role of AI in modern cybersecurity, this lab focuses on the development of AI software and the integration of AI into cybersecurity tools. These AI-driven tools have proven to be more effective in combating cyber threats. The AI lab is integral to advancing the capabilities of cybersecurity measures and ensuring that students are proficient in using cutting-edge technology to address security challenges.

Also, it opened an IT Lab which has been set up with cybersecurity tools incorporated into it, ensuring comprehensive training for our students to effectively address digitalization challenges.The IT lab supports the broader curriculum and provides students with the necessary skills to manage and secure IT infrastructures.

 Education Minister

After touring the labs, the Education Minister observed how the equipment had been programmed on its own and questioned what would happen if an electrician was called to fix or correct something about the equipment and does not have any form of formal education.

He therefore underscored the need for all, especially artisans to have at least minimum education in Senior High Schools to be able to meet these demands.

“As I went through the lab and saw what this university has done, I began to reflect, especially when you did the demonstration on how the lighting system works, and the facilitator or lecturer was speaking to Google to turn on the light, I reflected and said to myself what kind of electrician would be able to work on this system, what kind of society should we create and that to me reinforce the commitment of the President to make sure the minimal qualification of every Ghanaian is high school education,” Mr Yaw Osei Adutwum stated.

He continued,”Because you see without this kind of education, how can the electrician, who yesteryears was uneducated programmed the light, within the context of internet of things (IoT), how do you get the person who is working on your gate at the house to programme the gate in such a way that you can just touch and the gate is opened.”

He questioned,”What kind of education should the artisans acquire in order for them to work within the fourth industrial revolution, to work within the context of the society that we have today.”

He underscored the need to commit as a nation to ensure that the youth is educated to have the requisite skills, or the minimum education of High School, so that they can become the electricians that can programme the lighting system with IoT.

The Education Minister again said the world of yesterday was no longer the world of today and is not going to be the world of tomorrow, noting that the Free SHS bill will ensure the upgrade of the high schools and ensure quality education so that Ghana can be part of this era of technological advancement.

He said he was aware that most people do not trust politicians, therefore the need to show evidence while speaking.

He indicated with photos that the 3D printers at the Lab have been installed in some High Schools in Ghana, saying High School students are already doing 3D printing.

Mr Yaw Osei Adutwum also noted that the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo does not want to play lip service with the transformation of education sector, adding that Government has built STEM facilities at High Schools to create the environment for students to immense in STEM to prepare them for tertiary institutions that train students in the sector.

He also commended the Wisconsin University for the move, saying that, “I want to congratulate Wisconsin University for leading the way, for giving me hope that all our universities will design 21st century courses to enable these young ones who have been given the foundation to come and continue their education with you and I believe with the private sector participation, coming from Wisconsin and the public sector are strategies and the activities coming from other universities, our nation will be a better nation.”

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Meanwhile, the Wisconsin University is offering a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics which aims to prepare students to tackle the setbacks associated with the digitalization drive by equipping them with the skills needed to combat cyber threats.

It also offers a Master’s degree in Information Technology which will focus on advancing the digitalization agenda by providing comprehensive training in IT infrastructure and management.

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