Kobina Ansah to stage Ghana’s first-ever original musical on rape this April

Known for impactful plays such as Once Upon A Riddle, The Boy Called A Girl, Emergency Wedding, and This Family Is Not For Sale among others, playwright Kobina Ansah is back with a new original musical that addresses rape in our society. The original musical, In The Pants Of A Woman, is the first of its kind in Ghana as it tackles the abominable topic of rape.

“I love challenges, and that is why I love In The Pants Of A Woman,” he said. “I want to touch on such unconventional themes to throw more light on what victims go through. Art is healing and healing is an art,” he explained.

Kobina Ansah is gradually blazing a trail of original musicals in Ghana. In The Pants Of A Woman has about 16 original songs written to be performed live for the audience. Written by the playwright, the songs will aid in advancing the plot while giving the audience a taste of what an original musical is.

Aiming at creating a safer world for humanity, the playwright is going to challenge his audience to look at abuse through the lens of victims with his new masterpiece. “Any cause that fights abuse of any sort is worthy. After all, our loved ones could be victims someday,” he concluded.  

Suitable for all ages, In The Pants Of A Woman shows on Saturday, 20th April, and Sunday, 21st April, 2024 at National Theatre. Showing times are 3 pm and 7 pm each day. Tickets can be bought via *844*300#.

Source: Scribe News


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