NABCO trainees paid one-month salary out of 11



Trainees of the Nations Builders Corp. received one month’s pay today, out of the eleven months owed them by the government.

There have been many protests from trainees demanding their allowance, but the government has not been able to tell them when they will be paid.

However, a message sent to trainees today, September 22nd, 2022, stated, “Dear NABCO trainee, GHS 699.25 allowance has been paid to your e-Zwich card number XX52XX56XX for November 2021. GHS 0.75 was charged as a processing fee. Thank you very much.”

This comes weeks after the trainees staged a series of pickets to express their displeasure.

The first  Nabco trainees had contracts that expired in October 2021, but the government asked them to stay until it ( government) could pay their overdue allowances and find them a job.

Ghana:; Vincent Kwofie


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