Thursday, December 30, 2021

Salary: Prof Adei’s 0% comment distasteful – Aggrieved Public sector workers

Convener for Aggrieved Public sector workers, Norbert Gbogbotse,  says the comment by former Rector of GIMPA with respect to their salary increment is distasteful.

This statement comes after Professor Stephen Adei, former Rector of GIMPA asked the group to commend the President for increasing their salaries.

He said the economic circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic makes it inappropriate for any increment.

In an interview, Prof. Adei noted that the 4% increment in salaries should have been 0% increment.

“… The people saying [the] 4 per cent [pay rise] is not enough; actually, to be honest, it should have been zero per cent. Yes… The situation in the country is such that except that – I must qualify it – you cannot say zero per cent for them and other people get 70 per cent or get an increase”, Professor Addai said.

According Professor Adei, president’s decision not to accept a pay rise for himself and the executive was enough to have evidence that he would not increase that of any institution or sector.

“The president has come out and yet, in Ghana, good news is not good news. The president has said that all the increase which was recommended, he is not going to accept it; as well as his vice and his ministers, and you know, it was just a flash in the pan”, Prof Adei added.

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Reacting to the comment by the Professor, Convener for Aggrieved Public sector workers, Norbert Gbogbotse, said the Professor is only good in offering lip service for the government.

According to him, Prof. Adei’s actions are expressed in words but not backed by deeds and will not in anyway contribute to the development of the nation.

“ The statement by the professor is not the best. What alternative means have the professors in Ghana provided. He is a professor and his colleague professors elsewhere are offering solutions to their nations’ issues, but Professor Addei only offers lip service. His statements have always been out of place. He should allow us fight for our salary and he should also consider going on pension,” he added.

Norbert Gbogbotse explained that the four percent salary increment is about GHS20 to GHS40 which is nothing to write home about.

The group wants public sector salaries to be increased by 25% instead.

Ghana | | Vivian Adu Boatemaa | [email protected]

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