Video: Katanga boys torture 'helpless' Vandal; forcibly cuts his hair 


A video of some Katanga Hall residents of the Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, torturing a resident of the Commonwealth Hall, University of Ghana, has emerged.

 In the said video, the Kantagees  were seen subjecting  their Vandal victim to severe beatings and later cut his hair against his will.  The students ignored the pleas from their victim and intensified their assault on him in the two-minute video.

The video triggered the clash between the rival student halls at the University of Ghana campus Monday, resulting in the arrest of 10 students. One student, who was seriously injured during the scuffle, is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.   

The students from KNUST were participating in an inter-halls debate competition at the University of Ghana.

Watch video below:


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