10 Tips on how to get rid of hiccups fast

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10 Tips on how to get rid of hiccups fast

How do you get rid of the hiccups? The hiccups usually come and the most embarrassing of times and when you get that very first one, try as you might, you just can’t hold them back. No one knows exactly why we get hiccups, but we do know that they are caused when the brain sends extra messages to your diaphragm, making the diagram contract too quickly. While no one understands the cause, everyone has a cure and here are our ten favorite hiccup cures. Some of them may not be very scientific, but then old wives sometimes know what they are talking about!

1. Open mouthed swallowing

Our first tip on how to get rid of hiccups fast is open mouth swallowing. This one takes a bit of practice to perfect and is probably not recommended, if you are in a crowded room. Open up your mouth and keep open, then try and swallow, but keeping your mouth open all the time. Somehow, it seems, the rather awkward action of swallowing, with your mouth open, moves the muscles in such a way that the hiccups stop in a couple of minutes or so.

2. Swallow hard with your ears plugged

If you plug your ears with your finger and swallow, really hard, a few times, this will often stop the hiccups. It feels a bit like you are swallowing back the hiccups.

3. Eating something sour

You’ve heard how giving someone a shock is said to cure the hiccups; well, this is just a variation of that. Eating something like a lemon or a teaspoon of vinegar will make your muscles contract and is believed to stop the hiccups.

4. A spoonful of sugar

Another great trick on how to get rid of hiccups fast is to eat a spoonful of sugar. This is one of the oldest remedies and it’s probably just the act of swallowing that makes this remedy work. Whatever the truth behind this remedy, the kids will love it anyway!

5. Mouth massage 

Next suggestion on how to get rid of hiccups fast is to sick out your tongue and gently massage the back of the roof of your mouth. This action stimulates the Vegas Nerve, which stops the spasms in your diaphragm that are the cause of hiccups.

6. Drink warm soda

Drinking a couple of big gulps of warm soda will invariably make you burp and burping seems to stop the hiccups.

7. Take a deep breath

Taking a deep breath and holding it seems to dissuade the hiccups from coming up. While you are holding your breath, try and move your diaphragm, as though you were breathing, and that will make the hiccups disappear.

8. Drinking upside down

Drinking upside down is another good tip on how to get rid of hiccups fast, this one comes from the Old Wives book of patented remedies, but it does seem to work. Sit down with a glass of water, bend at the waist until your head is upside down and then take a couple of bug gulps of water.

9. A spoonful of peanut butter

Another great trick on how to get rid of hiccups fast is to take a spoonful of peanut butter, hold it your mouth for ten seconds and then, swallow it whole, without chewing. The deep swallowing action should ease the hiccups for you.

10. Breathe into a paper bag

This can really help for people who get hiccups when they are nervous. Hold a paper bag to your mouth and then breathe, in and out, will stop the hiccups and it will calm the anxiety too, if you are hyperventilating.