Darling Lemon Amammere Hemaa: Contestants spared at first eviction show

Amammere Hemaa

All contestants of Atinka TVs Darling Lemon Amammere Hemaa were spared at the first eviction show held at the Sika Hall inside At‌inka Media Village (AMV), on Friday, September 12, 2023.

At the Traditional Wear Runway edition of Amammere Hemaa, the queens displaced in depth knowledge of the rich Ghanaian with focus on the attire of the various traditional areas.

The maiden edition of Atinka TV’s flagship traditional reality Show, Darling Lemon Amammere Hemaa was launched with 17 contestants at the Sika Hall inside Atinka Media Village on Sunday, August 3, 2023 in Accra.

After the launch, this was the first show held.

Although two ladies were expected to be evicted, they were spared because they put in much effort and 0put up spectacular performances.

The ladies dressed in their various colourful attires and gave the audience the history behind their costume.

Ghanaian traditional musician King Ayisoba also graced the eviction sh9ow with an amazing performance with his team.

Darling Lemon Amammere Hemaa is a reality TV show by the AMV to allow contestants showcase their knowledge of the rich Ghanaian culture including dance, songs, poetry, history, rites (Birth, passage, death), celebration of festivals amongst others.

The contestants were selected based on their knowledge and display of Ghanaian Culture.

The show runs on every Friday at the HeadQuarters of the Atinka Media Village at exactly 8p.m. and it is also telecast live on Atinka TV and Atinka TV Ghana Facebook at the same time.

Meanwhile, some of the contestants may be evicted on Friday and the public is encouraged to vote for them on *737*216# on all the networks to keep their favourite contestants in the competition.

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