GCB outdoors Brand Ambassadors to increase brand awareness, sales

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GCB, as part of its commitment to become a frontline banking institution in the country Wednesday outdoored over 200 Golden Eagle Ambassadors to represent the bank in a positive light to increase its brand awareness and sales.

They will be working across the ten regions as well as the districts and towns.

The Ambassadors who were chosen within the various branches of the Bank were selected based on the ability to lead, inspire, communicate, resolve problems, influence and network customers and citizenry about products and services of GCB.

The Head of Human Resource Department at GCB, Ishaque Kojo Essel, remarked that the Ambassadors are positive spokespersons, opinion leaders and community influencers appointed as internal agents to boost product or service sales and create brand awareness.

 “You are an embodiment of our great bank’s identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics and you should be able to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the customer-product-service relationship and influence a large audience to buy and consume the bank’s products and services more,” he said. 

Speaking under the theme: “Brand Ambassadors: Embodiment of GCB”, Ishaque Kojo Essel noted that organizations that approach branding from the inside out build a strong foundation for success. “This is where I want all of us to carry GCB,” he said.   

According to him, it is common for people to assume that branding is about a change in the brand mark without much emphasis on the human resources. However, the human aspect is key to the success of any branding project.

Therefore, strong brands are built by strong talents, and in admonishment, he asked that they (Ambassadors) should exhibit positive work attitudes and live the brand values of the Bank as reflected in the acronym STARS – meaning service, trust, action, relationship and smiles.

He cautioned them to build loyalty with their colleagues and not lord over them as acting as role model will help them feel more comfortable in sharing information about the Bank.

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