Thursday, September 30, 2021

Over 20,000 ghost names found under YEA sanitation module


A review by the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) has revealed over 20,000 ghost names under its sanitation module. 

Out of a total number of 62,825 beneficiaries on the YEA’s pay role, only 42,420 has been accounted for.

Speaking to pressmen in Accra Wednesday, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the agency, Lawyer Justine Konduah Frimpong said the review was part of measures to ensure value for money and protecting the public purse.

The agency has therefore directed all companies interested in the sanitation module to reapply.

In the case of Zoomlion, one of Ghana’s most known figure in waste management, the YEA boss said, a total figure of 45,320 presented to the agency by Zoomlion Ghana as beneficiaries across the country, 38,884 was evidenced after a head count.

However, in a response to the discrepancy in the data, Zoomlion Ghana limited contended that, beneficiary apathy and short notice given to beneficiaries accounted for the discrepancy, Justine Konduah said.

The exercise according to him revealed that, most of the beneficiaries were recruited without recourse to the employment agency.

In addition, the review established that a beneficiary is paid GHC100 as monthly salary while GHC400 goes to the service provider as management fees.

“Zoomlion Ghana limited has till date been unable to furnish the agency with payment records of beneficiaries on their payroll,” he mentioned.

Per the findings, the CEO recounted that “all persons interested in working under the sanitation module are to reapply on a date soon to be communicated and will be subjected to competitive bidding in line with the YEA Act and Legal Instrument”.

As part of that, subsequent arrangements with the service providers will pay beneficiaries deservedly.

In the meantime, a total of 19,900 jobs have been created he said.|Simon Agbovi|[email protected]

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