I don’t mind going back to Funny Face-  Baby Mama

The Mother of Comedian, Funny Face’s three children and Ex-Girlfriend, Vanessa Nicole says she does not mind going to see Funny Face with his children if  he requests to see them briefly

She said this after a year-long absence during which she kept the children away from Funny Face.

You may recall that when the relationship between Funny Face and Vanessa fell on rocks, the Mother of four said she had moved on, saying clearly that she was married and that she even met her husband when she was eight months pregnant with Funny Face’s child.

Despite the mental agony allegedly caused by his relationship with Vanessa, she seems to have moved on quickly without bothering about Funny Face’s mental health.

In a recent interview with Kwaku Manu, Vanessa who seemed to have regretted her actions admitted that both were responsible for whatever they went through.

According to her, she is now a mature lady and was ready to face life differently.

When asked if she would like to have a relationship with Funny, she said she does not mind doing that if he only asks.

Meanwhile, she said when they met, they did not have enough time to study each other before she got pregnant.

 Despite their differences, Vanessa said there were times she obeyed Funny Face, citing a situation where she took off all her double earrings just to please him.

“Nana Yaw did not like piecing during our courtship and I stopped since that is what he wanted me to do. It is over a year since he saw his children but I am not selfish to keep my children from their father. l will love it if funny face requests me and my children to come over and spend at least two weeks with him,” she said.

She continued, “It is about time Funny Face should demand and voice out as I am doing and call for his children and me to come over. We are parents and I am not the only person who gave birth to the children. life is about time and is due time for us to be mature as a couple as we have children. I am sure my partner  will not mean to hurt me nor will I  hurt him.”

Vanessa again said, “It is not for me to decide whether we should come back again. Nana Yaw is older than me? If he calls for reconciliation I would love to be with him since I have no man in my life and I have children with him.”

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