Sunday, September 26, 2021

Khareema Aguair denies husband snatching allegations


Actress Khareema Aguiar has denied husband snatching allegations levelled against her.

Recently, a woman who bears the name Adwoa Sam, in a Facebook post, sent a word of caution to the actress to stay away from her husband whom she had allegedly been trying to steal from her for some time.

Madam Sam, in the message, asked blogger Chris Vincent to caution the actress to leave her husband alone.

She claimed the actress had been using juju (black magic) on her husband and was bold enough to be sharing moments spent with him on social media.

However, the actress, speaking to Hitz FM’s Daniella Adu Asare insists, if the accusations held any water, she would have been confronted directly.

“I am on social media, so I am thinking if there’s really a human being behind that account, why didn’t the person come to me straight?” she challenged.

The actress, who said she has refrained from making further comments on the issue, believes her hard-earned reputation is being targeted.

“We want a legacy that one day our children will be proud of, so inasmuch as you want to put your name out there for the positives, other people are somewhere who want to tarnish your image,” she lamented.

On Valentine’s Day, the actress premiered a documentary film about the aged titled ‘Edwene’ at the West Hills Mall in Accra under the Khareema Aguiar Foundation for the Aged (KAFA).

KAFA is a non-profitable organisation targeted at supporting the less-privileged aged in the Ghanaian society by offering them with health aid and basic human support.


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