Leaked audio: Loyalty to the State has shifted to loyalty to party – Ex-Police Chief


A Security Expert, Chief Inspector (RTD) Michael Asamoah says loyalty to the state has shifted to loyalty to political parties by the security agencies, especially in the Ghana Police Service.

That, he said, is the reason why people have suggested that the appointment of Inspector General of Police (IGP) should not be left with the President alone.

The assertion follows a viral leaked audio which captures a police commissioner plotting with an executive of the ruling New Patriotic party, to the IGP.

The commissioner who describes himself as COP Mensah and is said to be retiring is heard telling the politician that the IGP is too firm and will not allow machinations in next year’s polls if he is not removed.

The politician further notes that the nature of security the IGP provided during the Assin North by-election shows he will not allow any rigging in the polls.

“This IGP won’t help us. He won’t, he wants everything to be done fairly and we don’t win elections that way. If we don’t remove him we can’t break the 8, in politics we need machinations and this IGP won’t allow that,” the commissioner is heard saying.

He also stated that the President has refused to listen to his appeals to replace the IGP with him.

“The President is not listening, I have been telling him. Even if they don’t want to give me the job, they should give it to another person but they won’t listen”.

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Reacting to this on Atinka TV‘s morning show, Ghana Nie with Nana Yaw Fianko, Chief Inspector (RTD) Michael Asamoah said,”This is because you take someone into the office and he will be loyal to the political party. Today, loyalty to the state has shifted to loyalty to political parties and that is the danger in our system. When you go to Government institutions, most of them see wrong but they cannot talk because they have to protect their jobs.”

Meanwhile, he said the IGP should have been commended for the performance of the police during the Assin North election, especially knowing that people use guns for bad things and he ordered that no gun should come close to the people.

Unfortunately, he said his own people are accusing him of not allowing them to have their way.

The retired Chief Inspector called for probe into the matter, calling on the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Interior to take it up, saying the matter was dangerous and had serious implications on Ghana’s democracy.

Ghana| Atinkaonline.com| Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori


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