Monday, September 27, 2021

150 Creative Birthday Ideas for Husband

Women love to be surprised (especially on their birthday), but guess what? So do men!

In this section, we cover the kind of surprises that will make this a birthday to remember for your man – including a tearful reunion with friends he hasn’t seen for years.

A Surprise Trip To His Childhood Town

If your husband often talks wistfully of his childhood, you might want to surprise him this year by taking him on a “spontaneous road trip” to his childhood town.

If he has nothing but good memories of the place he grew up in, he will LOVE this idea. Together, the two of you can stand outside his old home, where he can regale you with tales of the things he got up to. Then you can take a stroll through the park he used to play football, before having a drink in his first bar.

And then later, he can show you his school. He’ll have so many warm memories to share with you that things might even get a bit emotional!

Make Him a Meal

Okay, let’s say that this year you don’t have a large budget. A brand new BBQ grill is off limits, as is a video game chair and a trip away.

In that case, there’s nothing with spending bae’s birthday at home with him.

Of course, you have to do something for him – so why not make him his favourite meal? Get the ingredients in, cook up a storm in the kitchen and enjoy a candlelit dinner for two.

Finish off with cuddles on the sofa and a movie. Good times.


Repeat your Wedding Vows To Him

Wanna make your man cry on his birthday? Like, for real? Okay then …

Get your wedding vows out and read them to him.

OR – write them in his birthday card and let the big man read them himself.

This is a very romantic way of reaffirming the love you have for him on his birthday. It’s going to get very emotional! Even we’re getting a bit teary …

Surprise Him With Something Personalised

Make this years gift extra special by getting him something personalised.

This could be anything – a personalised wallet, a coffee mug, keychain, beer glass, a cheese board, a piece of art and so on.

Personalise the message – say happy birthday, or tell him you love him. Or simply personalise the gift with his name.

Give Him a Massage

Aren’t you just the sweetest wife EVER?

If you rarely – if ever – give your man a massage, he’s probably pretty grumpy about that. Because most men think the world OWES them a massage.

And as his wife? Well, you probably should at least give him a massage on his birthday.

Go on, it’s his birthday!

If he’s been stressed out and tense lately, a morning massage on the day of his birthday is a great surprise gift from you to him.

Spice things up with candles and oils.

If you’ve never given a massage before, or if you’re really rubbish at them, watch an online tutorial first. The last thing you want to do is hurt him!

Wear His Fav Sports Jersey

This is a weird gift because, while you’re the one wearing the sports jersey, the gift is really for him.

Does that make sense?

Basically, all sports mad husbands love their team so much that they would do anything to see their wives wearing their fav sports jerseys.

If you’ve always resisted so far and told him you don’t like sports, it’s probably upset him more than you realise.

So to get back in his good books and take him to his happy place on his birthday (aww), buy yourself his teams sports jersey and wear it on his birthday. Trust us, it will make him SO happy because it will show that you’re embracing his hobbies and sharing his support. He wants you to stand by him and his team. That might not mean much to you, but it means a lot to him. So do it!

And, hey, when it comes to bedtime you can slowly take it off …

A Surprise Trip to Europe

Europe is a patchwork of cultures. From sunny Spain to the ruins of Athens. From the cold of Norway to the pizzas, pasta and art of Italy – and everything in-between!

If you and your husband have long talked about going to Europe for a trip, his birthday is the perfect opportunity for you to surprise him with tickets to a tour of Europe.

Surprise him with this and then spend your time planning together. To keep it cheap, you could stay in hostels and AirBnBs. On the other hand, if you can afford it, you can, of course, stay in luxury five star hotels. It will be amazing!

Make a Photo Album For Him

There’s an argument that men aren’t as sentimental as women, and that a photo album of the things you two have done together won’t really mean much to him.

But we think that’s just not true.

Any man who is in a strong, loving relationship with his wife will be moved by a gesture like this. It’s incredibly romantic and thoughtful.

All you need to do is print off some of your fav photos of him and the two of you together. Then, buy a photo album and fill it with the photos.

On his birthday, the two of you can share a glass of wine, and leaf through the album, recollecting memories and reliving the great times you’ve spent together.

Then, you can toast the future.

N’aww, you guys!

Surprise Him With Breakfast In Bed

If your man has to work on his birthday, it’s gonna totally suck for him. Of course, that doesn’t mean his birthday HAS to totally suck.

This one time, get up earlier than him and make him breakfast in bed. Make him a FEAST before he has to go to work.

Don’t say a word about it the night before – just surprise him in the morning.

Pay for His Tattoo

If your man loves to get inked and has an idea for his next tattoo but can’t yet afford it, why not surprise him with the $$$ for his next tattoo?

Tell him you’ll go with him to the tattoo parlour and that afterwards you’ll have some drinks to celebrate his latest piece of skin art.

Arrange A Reunion For Him

Guys might try to hide it, but they’re just big softies at heart really. And if you can gather together lots of his old pals he hasn’t for years just for his birthday? He’ll cry.

Like, he will for sure break down.

Some of us are very bad at staying in touch. And while we admit that you’ll have a job on your hands if you’re to round up lots of buddies and convince them to all meet for his birthday at the same bar, it’s well worth a try.

And it could also be the most amazing birthday gift he’s ever received.


Life is all about experiences – and so are birthdays.

The best birthdays are the ones where you create brilliant memories. Take your husband out of the house, take him on an adventure and show him why he’s the centre of your universe. Here are some ideas:

Take Him Out Tango Dancing

Okay, for this one it’s kinda important that you can both dance. If you can, and if he genuinely likes to dance, we think you should totally take your man out dancing tonight.

Get up close and personal with him on the dance floor. Feel the temperature rise as your body’s touch and move to the rhythms of the music. Get all hot and sweaty with him, whisper sweet nothings in his ear, and then take a cab home with him.

Tour of a Brewery

Does your man love beer?

Like, does he love it to the extent where an amazing day out for him would be a tour of a brewery?

If so … why not take him on a tour of a brewery?

The two of you can do it together, learning more about how his fav beers are made, and tasting lots of cool new ones.

Then, you can end the day with more beer and a meal. Lovely!

Don’t Spend a Cent on Him

They say that the best things in life are free. This doesn’t always seem to be true, and if your man is a sceptic who doesn’t think this is true, take him out for his birthday – but don’t spend a cent on him.

Instead, make this birthday about him and you, and the experiences you can have together without having to rely on material things.

Start by cooking him breakfast and delivering it to him in bed.

Then, take a shower with him.

Then, take him to the park for a picnic and a stroll in the (hopefully) sunshine.

Go play a spot of tennis at the local courts, before taking an evening walk around your city/town.

Finish off at home, huddled up together in bed with a movie.

Pretty sweet, right? Of course, these are just some ideas – exactly what you do is entirely up to you. But remember to make it sweet and cheap!

(or totally free if possible)

Spend the Day on a Canal Boat

Canal boats are so cool. They just drift down the canal without a care in the world, giving you and Birthday Boy a chance to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Grab some of his pals, hire a canal boat – and don’t forget the snacks and alcohol.

Then, take a ride down the canal in the sunshine. There’ll be laughs, great conversation, great company and awesome memories to be created.

Just make sure BB (birthday boy) doesn’t get too drunk so that falls into the canal, okay?

Spend The 24 Hours With Him

How much time each day do you usually spend with your husband? Many of us are often so busy in 2018 that we’re fortunate if we get to spend more than a few hours each day in the company of our partner.

If this is the case for you, don’t let his birthday be like any other day. Don’t let it be like all those other days where you spend just a few hours with him.

Instead, take time off work and spend the WHOLE day by his side. See his birthday as an opportunity to reconnect with your man. Show him how much he means to you by making him your priority on this day. Be there with him, do stuff with him. Don’t let him leave your side on this most special of days.

Tickets to a Comedy Show

Who doesn’t like to laugh?


So why not treat bae to a night of comedy with tickets to a great comedy show?

Get Lost in a City

Book a train trip to a city neither of you have been to before (but make sure that it’s a city your husband has said he wants to visit), head there on his birthday and go exploring together.

Take a walk around the city, visit the galleries and museums (or whatever it is he likes to do), check out the bars and coffee shops … and, of course, have a lovely meal.

And if your budget stretches far enough and neither of you are in a mega rush to get home, why not book a hotel and stay the night? Why not, hey?!

Spend the Night in a 5 Star Hotel

Sure, it does’t really matter where the two of you spend his birthday as long as you spend it together.

However, to break up the routine and to make his birthday a bit more special, why not spend it in a luxury 5 star hotel?

Reserve a Table at a Pub

We all know what guys love to do on their birthdays – head to the nearest pub with their mates for a massive blow out.

As fun as that is, it doesn’t always work out if the pub is packed with people and there isn’t enough room for all his mates at a table.

So what do you do?

This is where a bit of simple planning comes in hand. Contact the pub and book a table! Then, you can all head down there, safe in the knowledge that all his mates will be gathered together in one place.

Lovely stuff.

Take Him Karting

Everyone loves karting.

Even if someone has never been karting before and doesn’t know they love karting? Trust us, they’ll love it.

And guys especially love karting. So round some of his pals up and spend the day go karting. It will be SO much fun. There’ll be winners and losers, the smell of burning rubber, stung pride when someone comes last, and to top it all off there’ll be drinks at the end of it all.

Won’t there?

Take Him Stargazing

Picture it – the two of you have spent the day together, falling in love again as you go for a meal and drink wine together.

Then at night, you round his big day off by taking him to a field where you both gaze at the stars, hand in hand.

This is a super romantic way to end the day. Stare into infinity together. Spot constellations. Find stars. Name stars after each other. Kiss under the heavens and make this a birthday he’ll never be able to forget.

Just Take Him Out of the Country 

Is your husband gagging for a holiday?

Has he not left the country in ages?

Does he need a break from work?

If you answered yes to all those questions, it’s time to arrange it with his boss so that you can sneak your man out of the country for a few days.

Basically, talk to his boss in secret and sort a few days off.

Then, when your man leaves the office after work, surprise him with a waiting cab that’s whisking you both straight to the airport.

His face will be a picture!

Go on a First Date

Not just any first date, of course – recreate the first date you guys went on all those years ago!

Wherever you went, go there again. Experience those butterflies you felt the first time around. Retrace the steps you took as you walked around, sensing in your stomach that this was Mr Right walking beside you.

The biggest difference is that this time you two will be going home together for sure.

Take Him on a Helicopter Ride

Well, THIS is one way to make it a birthday to remember.

Anyone who’s been up in a helicopter never forgets that they’ve been up in a helicopter. It’s an unforgettable experience, and one that you can share together.

Surprise him and take him for a scenic ride over the city and country. Share a kiss in the skies!

Go Volunteering

Nope, volunteering isn’t a “normal” thing to do on someone’s birthday – but that’s kinda the point.

If you and your man have often talked about volunteering, and if you want to do something for his birthday that will really make him feel good, then volunteering together is an excellent thing to do on his birthday.

Volunteering will give him the chance to make a small difference to the world in his own way. It’s his chance to use his birthday to do something good. He’ll be sharing it with other people and making them smile with his good deeds, but, more importantly, he’ll have you by his side.

In the evening, you can then treat him to a meal at a restaurant. He’ll sure deserve it!

Host a 90’s Video Game Night

Okay, we’re going to take the liberty of assuming that your husband grew up in the nineties with classic video games like Streets of Rage and Mortal Kombat …

And if he did, you should totally host a throwback 90s video game night for him! He’ll LOVE IT.

All you need to do is get in touch with his buddies and let them know your plans. Then, ask people to make a list of the best 90s video games and their respective consoles.

Then, buy the best ones (many of them will be available in some form or another on Amazon).

As well as all the video games and his best mates, get the snacks and drinks in and turn your living room into a man cave for his birthday night. This will be a treat he’ll never forget.

Tickets to a Major Sporting Event

We’re thinking the Super Bowl, an F1 race, a major boxing match or an NBA playoff. It has to be suitably manly because you’re going to buy 2 tickets – one for him and one for his best buddy.

Bro time.

This time, you’ll be taking a backseat by letting him hang with his friend instead. He’ll really appreciate it because, as much as you might complain about sports all year round, you’re showing him that you love him and want him to do the things he enjoys doing.

Naturally, he’ll have to do something awesome with you at some point, too. Shopping trip, perhaps? It has to be on the cards!

A Muscle Car Experience

Does your man drive?

Does he like to drive fast? (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone)

And has he always dreamed of whizzing around a race track in a muscle car?

If you answered yes to all those questions, there’s really only one gift we think you should get him – a muscle car experience.

Oh, yeah.

What is this exactly?

Basically, he’d spend the day tearing up and down a race track in a 400bhp+ muscle car, achieving 0-62 speeds of less than 4.0 seconds and having the birthday experience of his LIFE.

Concert Tickets

That’s right – concert tickets. In other words, you’re gonna go with him!

If there’s a band or artist coming to town who your man loves, but who you’ve both agreed is too expensive to go and see, surprise him with a pair of tickets on his birthday.

Don’t stop there, of course. Make this a night to remember by booking a table at a nearby restaurant and filling up before you go dancing (or head banging).

And if you want to be an even MORE awesome wife, buy him a band shirt he can wear at the gig, too.

It’s all about the details, you see.

Gift Ideas:

Although millennials proudly declare that they’d rather spend their money on experiences rather than material things, we’re quite sure that your man wouldn’t mind opening up a brand new BBQ grill on the morning of his birthday.

In this section, we’ve got everything covered, from gifts for the gaming-mad husband, to practical gifts for the domesticated hubby who literally can’t stop fixing things. A new drill, perhaps?

A New Wallet

If you take a look at your husband’s wallet, it’s very likely that it’s old, frayed and worn down.

It’s probably lost its colour, too.

And it probably smells a tad (and not of money).

Each time he whips his wallet out to pay for something, he dies a little inside, knowing that everyone can see his batted, worn wallet.

So why not buy him a slick, brand new one? Go for a leather one – they’re super cool. From now on, he’ll no longer be shy about whipping his wallet to pay for things.

Which pretty much means that dinner is on him next time, woo!

A New Rucksack

Ok, you’ve got your tote bag and your husband has got his … what does he have?

There’s something about a guy and his rucksack. He can go travelling in it, explore cities, ride his bike with it on his bike, go to work with it, go camping with it … he can do anything with it!

The bigger, the better where rucksack’s are concerned. Get your husband a brand new, large, spacious, waterproof, strong, sturdy and good-looking new rucksack for his birthday. Remember, men are practical creatures who like to do stuff. Once he’s got his rucksack, he might turn into a proper outdoors person!

A Season Ticket

Okay, here’s the deal: Guys love sports. If your man loves sports, the last thing you should be doing is kicking up a stink and trying to get him to stop loving sports. That will only annoy him and drive a wedge between you two.

Instead, you should show that you support his passion. Find out who his team is and buy him a season ticket to go and watch them. If it’s already halfway through the season, that’s no bother – many teams also offer half-season tickets, too.

Honestly, if all you’ve done so far is criticise his love of sports, this gift will surprise and totally astound him. And he’ll love you forever.

Or until his team starts to lose every game. Not cool.

New Headphones

Not just any headphones – BIG headphones. The kind where the sound seems to be in you.

If you man is a big music lover but always listens to his tunes through a pair of puny headphones, make his day by buying him a pair of expensive headphones that take his enjoyment of music to the next level.

From now on, all his favourite albums? They will sound so much different. He won’t believe what he’s been missing out on all this time!

If you want to be the perfect wife, buy him a new album to accompany his new headphones.

A Cool New Jacket

Let’s face it – husbands aren’t the best when it comes to dressing themselves. What they think look good actually looks pretty bad.

And even if they aren’t a dad yet, they dress like a classic embarrassing dad.

So what are you going to do about it? Well, you could inject some style into his life by buying him a cool new jacket for his birthday. Pick the smartest, sexiest jacket you can afford so that from now on, whenever he steps out he steps out with style.

A Collection of Bottled Beers

If your man is a big beer lover, he’ll absolutely love this gift.

Now, if you don’t drink beer yourself and can’t tell the difference between a pilsner and a porter, there’s no reason you should be handpicking the beers. Instead, get yourself on a website like World of Beers and buy a set of already-chosen bottled beers. These guys are the experts and they’ll definitely have the beers your husband is gonna LOVE.

A Beard Trimmer

Does your man sport a beard? Is he constantly complaining about how hard it is to look after it?

Have you personally witnessed him struggling to trim it? Have you seen the cuts, the blood, the clumps of hair that he tore from his face in frustration?

Have you also noticed how his beard just doesn’t look that good these days?

This is where a good beard trimmer comes in handy. A good beard trimmer will help your husband sculpt the perfect beard he – and you – loves. It will be super easy for him to look after his bush, and no longer will he cry because he shaved too much off.

A Beer Making Kit

Come on, we all know what men are like.

When they see or try something, they get it into their heads that they can do it better.

That pint of beer they had last week? They can make a better one if only they had the tools!

Well, your husband will have all the tools he needs if you buy him a beer making kit for his birthday! (yes, these things exist!

Boys and their toys, you see.

Just make sure that if he does concoct his own “beer” that he doesn’t use you as a human guinea pig. Make him try his “sort-of chocolate, sort-of grapefruit but not actually chocolate or grapefruit beer thing” first, okay?

A Swanky New Watch

A man might not always admit it, but all men want to wear watches.

A good watch is the ultimate statement maker. It doesn’t just tell the time – it tells people a LOT about whoever is wearing it.

Thing is, a sexy timepiece can also cost a lot of $$$ – and you might not have that kind of money.

Thing also is, some watches that look like they’d cost thousands actually only cost hundreds. So shop around and get your hubbie a brand new, smart, possibly leather-strapped watch.

A Set of Knives

If your man sees himself as a bit of a amateur chef (or if he has literal stars in his eyes and thinks he should be a 3-star Michelin chef by now), one thing he’ll definitely need is a good set of knives.

OK, so some chefs can get away with owning one very good knife that does everything they need it to. But for the sake of versatility (and to fill your gift out a bit), you’re going to be that wife who gets your husband a whole set of knives, aren’t you?

On the other hand, if your husband doesn’t cook but loves a good steak, you could buy him a steak knife set.

Either way, you’re winning.

New Boxer Briefs

Show your man how much you love him by getting him some fresh boxer briefs for his birthday.

Honestly, this makes for a really good gift, primarily because men are generally very bad at buying stuff for themselves that they actually need (which is why it’s always up to us to buy them socks).

A Box Set Of His Favourite TV Show

Ah, man and his TV.

One man and his TV seems to have a better ring to it than one man and his dog these days (but not one man and his wife, of course!).

If your man loves a good box set, there are few better things you can surprise him with than a box set of his fav TV show.

Make the gift complete by ordering a takeaway for the first night he settles down to watch episode one.

An iPad

Is your husband tech savvy but not really? Does he need someone to come along – you – and thrust him into the 21st century?

An iPad could turn out to be the handiest gift you ever get him. When he’s commuting on a train or sitting at an airport waiting for his plane, he can whip out his iPad and kill time.

He can also chill out with it at home, too. It’s a great gift for the modern man!

A New Drill

As we said earlier, boys love their toys.

And their toys don’t come much better than a power tool.

Guys have an endless fascination with fixing and building things. To help them fix and build stuff, there are certain weapons they need – and a drill is one of the essentials.

Thing is, your man needs a good drill that he can rely and depend on for all sorts of household “projects”. So get him a brand new one that’s ideally cordless, and which won’t let him down.

Just remember to cover your ears when he starts to use it (or go out shopping).

A Fitness Tracker

If your husband is looking to get fitter this year, a fitness tracker could make for a pretty cool gift.

These modern day fitness trackers come with GPS that tracks the amount of miles he’s eaten up in a day, be it via running or cycling. He’ll then be able to use the data to see where he needs to improve.

Without a fitness tracker, your man might find it hard to accurately gauge how much progress he’s been making. A good fitness tracker will also keep tabs on his heart rate.

A BBQ Grill

Summer’s here, which means one thing – bbq time!

Only, you can’t host a bbq if you don’t even have a grill.

Picture it: your husband is sat outside in the yard on a hot summer’s day, when all of a sudden the smell of grilled meat wafts over from a neighbours garden.

“We could go and join their bbq,” you suggest, knowing full well that your man is getting hungry.

However, going to someone else’s bbq isn’t the same for him. He wants to host his own. He wants to be able to buy the meat – handpick it – and he wants to be the one who cooks it for everyone else.

So let him be the King of the BBQ’s this year and buy him his very own grill!

Don’t forget to top this gift up with a few cuts of meat.

An Action Movie on DVD

If your man is like most other men, he’ll have a particular fondness for testosterone-flooded action movies, such as Die Hard, Predator and Commando.

So why not satisfy his cravings for watching things get blown up on screen and male heroes rescuing people from impossible situations while avoiding certain death a million times by buying him a few action movies on DVD for his birthday this year?

The Steve McQueen Box Set

If you literally can’t think of any action films that your man might like, you should play it safe and buy him the Steve McQueen box set.

Steve McQueen – the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s actor, not the modern director – was the ultimate Man. All the ladies wanted him, and all the men wanted to be his best mate. He was the King of Cool and he starred in some amazing movies, from The Great Escape to Bullitt.

Any man who doesn’t like a Steve McQueen movie? Well, he’s a rarity.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

A Telescope

Just what is it with boys and their toys? We’re not too sure, but what we do know is that toys don’t come much more epic than a telescope!

Buy him a telescope so that he can indulge in a new fascination – gazing at the night sky, spotting planets and stars, and, of course, getting paranoid about flying saucers.

This is an epic gift, but be warned – it won’t come cheap!

A Gigantic Map of the World

Not just any map of the world – a gigantic map of the world that he can pin to the wall!

A gigantic map of the world serves two purposes:

1) It fills up more wall space and gives you guys something interesting to look at

2) your man can use to tick off all the places he’s visited and plot his next trip abroad

A gigantic map of the world is ideal for the seasoned traveller. If your man is fascinated by countries and different cultures and loves to travel, this gift will get him in the mood for packing his bags and seeing the world again.

And, of course, it’s only fair that he takes you along with him!

Apple Watch

Earlier, we recommended that you buy your man a smart, sophisticated timepiece that will dazzle on his wrist.

However, if he’s more of a tech dude who loves innovation – and if he especially loves Apple products – why not get him an Apple Watch instead?

The Apple Watch is a pretty cool. It’s splash proof, and keeps him up to date with all kinds of things, from the weather to his fitness levels – to the time, of course.

A Baseball Cap

Is your man a dude? Does he have a fav sports team? Would he love to wear their logo on top of his head in the form of a baseball cap?

This is an inexpensive gift that’s pretty rad, and which will compliment his already amazing style.

Shaving Set

If your man doesn’t have a beard but instead prefers to stay clean-shaven, a great gift idea is a shaving set.

A shaving set comes with all the works – an accurate trimmer with a rubber handle, a brush, scissors and so on.

If you want your man to take pride in his appearance and look his best at all times, this is a fab gift to buy him for his birthday this year.

A Set of Golf Clubs

What is it with men and golf? Don’t ask us – we really don’t know!

All we know is that men LOVE golf. If your husband is a bit of a part-time golfer, and if you’ve never really encouraged this hobby of his, now is the time to encourage it by buying him a brand new set of golf clubs that he can show off to his pals “on the range.”

The set will be loaded with new irons, woods and, um, etc?

A James Patterson Novel

Does your man like to read? If so, why not buy him the latest James Patterson novel?

James Patterson novels are great because they’re largely aimed at men, and they’re not too heavy but they are really enthralling.

It’s a great gift for the man in your life who is constantly travelling on trains and planes for work, and who needs something to help him pass the time.

A Running Watch

If your husband likes to run and keep fit, and if he’s training at the moment or otherwise perhaps wants to lose weight, a running watch is a really practical gift that he’s sure to appreciate.

A good running watch tracks his pace, steps, distance, calories burned and heart rate.

If you can, try to find one that also provides audio prompts to help keep him on his toes.

A running watch will enhance his efforts to reach his goals, and it’s a gift that he’s sure to appreciate.

And why not complement it with …

Running Shoes

Does your man want to run more? What’s stopping him? Perhaps he just doesn’t have the right footwear.

Without the right footwear, it’s impossible to have any joy running. We end up with blisters on our already sore feet, and we announce our retirement from running! Bad footwear just makes us HATE running.

So do your husband who loves to run a massive favour and buy him a brand new pair of running shoes. We recommend Nike Air or New Balance, but any pair will do so long as they fit him and are of a good quality.

Nintendo Switch

Does your husband like to game? Does he have a Nintendo Switch? If he doesn’t, it’s time he had one.

Described as “the most fascinating video game console in years,” the Nintendo Switch comes  with two-in-one usability, which means that you can play it through the television, or as a handheld device.

It’s a bit retro, and it comes with old games like Super Mario, Mario Kart and Zelda. If your man has been gaming for years, he’ll know all about these games and he’ll really appreciate this gift.

Sunshade Lounge Chair

When summer time swings around, there’s only one place your husband wants to spend the majority of his time – the garden. So why not enhance his experience with a brand new sunshade lounge chair?

With his new chair, he’ll be able to soak up the sun on those endless summer days and nights, with you and a drink by his side.

He won’t know how to thank you if you get him this gift.

A New Pair of Football (Soccer) Boots

If you’re in America, it’s soccer. If you’re anywhere else, it’s football.

Whatever you call it, if your man plays this particular sport, why not treat him to a pair of brand new football boots this year?

We recommend some stylish Adidas ones – perhaps the recently relaunched Adidas Predator’s.

A new pair of boots will give your man renewed confidence as he heads onto the pitch. If he scores in his next game, you just know you can take the credit for it!

A Coffee Maker

OK here’s the deal. Let’s imagine you’ve got a husband whose veins are not filled with blood – they’re filled with coffee instead.

However, to get a decent coffee, he always has to go out for one, be it Starbucks or Costa or Caffe Nero.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if he could make an amazing cup of coffee whenever he wanted, right from the comfort of his own home?

Well, he could totally do that if you were thoughtful enough to buy him a coffee marker for his birthday!

A brand new coffee maker means he can make his own lattes and cappuccinos whenever he wants.

It also means he can make an AWESOME cup of Joe before heading off to work in the morning – instead of having to pop into Starbucks every single day and spend more money.

A New Cologne

This gift is kinda for the two of you – after all, as much as he wants to smell nice for you, you want him to smell nice, too.

Good cologne is sexy and a real turn on for some women. For men, it gives them confidence and makes them feel good about themselves.

However, it’s also quite expensive.

So if your man has ran out of cologne, consider buying him a new cologne for his birthday. Armani Code has a good scent, while anything by Hugo Boss is another option.

A Lawn Mower

Gosh, when your man was 13, the last thing he’d have wanted for his birthday is a brand new lawnmower.


But he’s not 13 anymore – he’s getting old!

Men of a certain age start to appreciate gifts like these. They really make them smile. As soon as your husband sets eyes on his new lawnmower, his brain will be feverish as he starts picturing how awesome his lawn is going to look.

He’ll be like a kid at Christmas!

A Brand New Whiskey Glass

If your man likes to kick back with a drink after work, and if whiskey is his number one tipple, why not make his whiskey-drinking experience even better by getting a sweet new whiskey glass for his birthday?

Any man who drinks whiskey deserves to look good by doing so, and a neat new whiskey glass will make him look so cool.

Of course, he doesn’t need to be a whiskey drinker for this gift to work. He could be a cocktail man, or a tequila man. As long as he’s into spirits, this is a great birthday gift to buy your husband this year.

A Toasted Sandwich Maker

These things exist – and they’re frigging awesome.

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is via his stomach. If you buy him a toasted sandwich maker – so that he can get all creative and make the BEST toasties in the EASIEST way possible – you’ll be in his good books forever.

And, hey, if you’re lucky he might just let you have a bite!

A Subscription To Something

Who doesn’t love a subscription? It’s even better when someone else – such as our wife – pays for it for us!

Think of something your husband really likes and would enjoy a subscription to – and then get him all signed up!

This could be a Netflix subscription, a Spotify subscription, or it could even be a magazine subscription.

In fact, there are lots of different things you could subscribe him to. Think of something he would get a lot of use out of, and then see if there is a subscription service for it.

A Pocket Knife

Whether he needs a pocket knife to open the mail, to hunt or to survive in the wild, a pocket knife always comes in handy – and if your man doesn’t yet have one, it’s time to get him a blade for his birthday.

A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Picture it: your man loves his music, and he loves to get out and about. Perhaps he likes to go camping, or perhaps he spends a lot of his time on a boat.

However, when he’s out and about, he can’t listen to his music with as much clarity and power as he’d like to because #nospeakers.


Well, not anymore because you’re going to remedy this situation like the amazing wife that you are by buying him a top of the range waterproof bluetooth speaker for his birthday.

Just make sure to buy him some batteries to go with it so that he isn’t caught short! Then, he can take his speaker to the beach, to the camping site and so on and play his music until his heart’s content.

A Shoe Polish Kit

This one is for all the gentlemen out there.

For all the well-dressed, highly groomed husbands who step out in style.

If your man takes pride in his appearance, and if he has a sharp pair of shoes that could do with a bit of polish, surprise him with a shoe polish kit. He’ll love it!

A New Tool Box

We know, we know. A tool box sounds boring. But it’s what men want.

Men are always fixing something and they need certain tools that will help them fix stuff. And when those certain tools aren’t readily available to hand, they get a bit frustrated.

Make sure your man gets frustrated no more, and that whatever tool he needs – nails, hammers, spanners etc – are right there, in his brand new tool box!

Just try to convince him not to spend his whole birthday fixing stuff …

A New Tool Bag

A tool bag is what men wear around the house to look all manly. It stores all their main tools, and whenever you see your man wearing it, it indicates that he means business. He’s basically in “fixing mode” today.

If you man is a bit of a “man about the house” who is always mending and building things, he will LOVE a cool new tool bag just as much as you’d love a new dress.

Find one with lots of pouches, a removable strap and make sure there’s enough room for a small water bottle, too.

And then remind him of all the things that need fixing …

A New Video Game

If your husband plays video games a lot, you could just keep things simple and buy him a brand new video game.

The easiest thing to do would be to ask him what game he’d like. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying him a game he already has.

However, if you really want to surprise him but don’t know much about video games, you’ll need to covertly and expertly find out what games he likes, rifle through his collection to see what games he already has and then take a look online to see what the most popular games are.

It’s complex but could be worth it.

A Brand New Torch

It’s practical and you never know when a torch is going to come in handy for a man.

An Amazon Kindle

Does your man read?

Does he have a Kindle?

If “yes” and then “no” it’s time to bring him into 2018 with an Amazon Kindle.

Now, some people are a bit resistant to a Kindle.

“It’s not the same as a book.”

We get that, we really do. But once you show him how much owing a Kindle compliments his life – makes it so much easier to take a few “books” on vacation, saves on space, takes seconds to download a new book – we reckon this might be the best gift you ever get him.

An Instrument

Perhaps your husband has for a long time spoken of his desire to rock out on guitar and be the next Slash.

Or maybe he’s always wanted to learn the keyboard.

Or perhaps he’s a blues man who’s always wanted to pick up the harmonica.

Whatever it is, if he’s always had a yearning to play something, make this the year you buy him a musical gift of encouragement.

A Turntable

If your man fancies himself as more of a DJ instead of a musician, you could instead buy him a portable turntable.

This really is a great gift for any aspiring DJ who wants to spin a few records and get the party started.

Go for a portable turntable and he’ll be able to take it with him wherever he goes, such as picnics in the park.

Jet Spa

Maybe this year is a milestone year for your man. Maybe he turns 30, 40 or maybe even 50?

If so, it’s time you bought him a seriously epic birthday gift that literally blows all previous gifts out of the water.


A jet spa – aka hot tub – is an awesome gift for the man you love. It’ll be perfect for his own private entertainment (and yours, of course), and it’ll also be ideal for when you guys throw your own parties.

Can we come?

A Cheese Kit

Does your man love cheese? Does he love it so much that – given the chance – he’d make his own cheese?

Well, if you buy him a cheese kit he can make his own cheese!

Naturally, he won’t be able to invent a brand new cheese, but he can gain great satisfaction from knowing that the ricotta and mozzarella on his homemade pizza were made by himself!

A cheese kit is really easy to use too, so he won’t have to spend weeks until finally coming up with the perfect parmesan.

An Inflatable Boat

True, this gift is probably only worth buying if you guys have a swimming pool. But if you are lucky enough to have your own pool, an inflatable boat makes for a seriously fun gift that will bring out the big kid in him (and all grown men are big kids at heart!).

A Brand New 4K Smart LED TV

Does your man like to watch TV shows, movies and sports?

Does he love turning the volume up for his fav action movies?

Does he love playing video games?

But does his current TV kinda stink?

If you answered “yes” to all 3 questions, now is the time to treat your husband to a brand new 4K Smart LED TV.

Watching TV – and playing his video games – will have never been this exciting for him.

Surround Sound Speakers

The problem with this one is that you might hate yourself if you buy it for your man. The noise will get loud!

But, look, if you really want your man to enjoy life, you need to enhance his TV-watching-experience.

And the best way to do that is by buying him surround sound speakers that bring his fav TV shows, movies and video games to life.

String Trimmer

A man needs a mower – but he also needs a trimmer.

Why? Because trimmers get to sections of the garden – “trouble spots” as he would say – that a mower just can’t reach.

Trimmers will also help your man trim weeds, as well as grass along the edges of your lawn and garage. A trimmer will also help him eradicate stubborn weeds that otherwise just won’t go away.

And, hey, you’ll get a lot of joy out of this gift too, as you’ll end up with a lovely, freshly cut garden!

Don’t forget to get him some cold beers to help him cool down once he’s finished mowing and trimming, of course.

Some New Weights

Is your man into pumping iron? Does he want to get stronger and bigger?

Do you want him to get stronger and bigger, too?

Then buy him some new weights!

A new set of weights mean that he can work out in his spare time and get healthier and fitter without having to use the excuse of “but I don’t wanna go to the gym today.”

Find out the size of his current weights and then get him some that are a couple of kg’s heavier.

A Punchbag

If your husband is super keen on getting fit and healthy but never seems to have the time – or the motivation – to hit the gym, you might want to consider getting him a punchbag for his birthday.

Whether he wants to lose weight or build some serious muscle, a punchbag is a great idea.

Or maybe he’s been feeling a bit stressed lately and needs a new way of letting off steam. If so, you can’t go wrong with a punchbag.

Don’t forget to buy the accessories, too – hand wraps and gloves.

A Fitness Bike

Anyone who’s ever been on a fitness bike will tell you how awesome they are!

Fitness bikes are a fun way of doing cardio, keeping fit and losing weight.

If your man isn’t afraid to get a bit sweaty, and if he’s been saying that he wants to lose weight recently, instal this in your home for his birthday. He can then plug in his headphones, climb on the bike and smash the miles out!

A Cycling Jacket

If your husband likes to head out on his bike – but never goes out at night because he hasn’t got a cycling jacket – now is the time to remedy this situation for him by getting him a brand new cycling jacket for his birthday.

If possible, try to find one that is 100pc reflective so that he’s even safer on the roads at night time.

A good cycling jacket will cost a fair amount of money – around $100 – but it will give you both peace of mind each time he heads out on his bike, and it will also come with numerous air vents so that he can stay cool when the temperature begins to rise.

A Hammock





Hammocks are amazing, though.

If it’s summer time and your man is complaining that he can’t enjoy himself in the garden because the chair is hurting his back (such a man thing to say), then surprise him with a HAMMOCK so that he can chill out in the garden on those long, hot summer days.

It’s the present he deserves after all the hard work he’s done this year. Buy him some beer too so that he can sway in the gentle breeze and relax in the garden.

And, hey, when he’s at work you can jump in the hammock! IDEA.

A New Camera

Sure, he’s probably got an camera with his iPhone, but it’s hardly the same as owning a Canon.

If your man has always fancied himself as a bit of an amateur photographer who has never really owned a good camera, now could be the perfect chance to encourage his hobby.

Buy him a good Canon camera – or maybe a FujiFilm or even a Panasonic – so that he can head out and take the best photos he’s ever taken.

Naturally, he’ll probably want to take one of you, too. Say “cheese”!

A Virtual Reality 3D Camera

Don’t just get him any camera – why not make this birthday extra special by buying your man a virtual reality 3D camera? Then you get to say “cheese!” in virtual reality! How cool is that?! Very cool.

A VR camera was once a pipe dream, but it’s now a reality – a really cool, sophisticated reality that isn’t corny at all.

A good VR camera will allow your man to take 3D photos and 3D videos, and it should also come with an autonomous headset.

James Bond Box Set

There are probably few men alive who don’t like 007.

Men love him because they want to be him.

Some even think they already are just like James Bond.

They want his suits, his sophistication, his way with the ladies and his smile!

And men LOVE his movies.

So show your man you love him with a James Bond 007 box set this year. Before long, you’ll be humming the theme tunes constantly, too.

Golf Shot Tracker

If your man loves to play golf (and what man doesn’t?!), a golf shot tracker is a really thoughtful gift. It will help him to improve his game, as it claims to knock a few strokes off the users game after just a few uses!

What a caring wife you are.

Hot Dog Toaster

Nope, you didn’t read wrong – we really did write ‘hot dog toaster’!

What is this?!

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like it is – a toaster that toasts hot dogs!

If you hate hot dogs – if you literally vomit at the smell – it’s no drama because your husband can instal the toaster in his man cave. Then, when his mates pop over for some video game frolics, they can toast the hot dogs without you having to smell them! Winner winner chicken dinner.

Tattoo Lotion

If your man loves to get inked, this could well be the perfect gift.

What is it? It’s a lotion that looks after brand new tattoos.

Let’s imagine that your man gets a new tattoo. To stop it fading too fast, and to ensure it looks really fresh and vibrant for as long as possible, he can apply this lotion. It contains shea butter and essential oils that help to keep his skin nice and moisturised.

Moreover, the lotion also stops toxins in the environment from damaging his tattoo when he’s out and about.

Beard Comb

If he doesn’t need a beard trimmer (or if he already has one) he might at least need a beard comb.

A beard comb is an inexpensive “stocking filler” that will help your man keep his beard in good shape. It’s an essential tool for the modern gentleman who wants to let his beard grow out, but who still wants to look smart and presentable .

Poker Chip Set

Does your man love poker? Does he love a poker night “with the boys”?

But it he also always going to their places for poker night?

Imagine if he could host a poker night in his own home.

That’s what he really wants, and if you buy him a poker chip set you’re giving him the chance to do just that.

Don’t forget to get out of the way when the game begins. And definitely do not shout “go team!” at the boys. That will undo all your good work!

A New Table Lamp

Guys can totally get as excited about a new table lamp as women can.

Picture it: your man likes to read a few pages of his book at night in bed before falling asleep. But the table lamp he’s got at the moment was the cheapest one you guys could find at the time. It hardly blends in with the rest of your decor, and it’s not exactly cool.

So take this as as an opportunity to update your bedroom while buying him a practical gift for his birthday.

A Pair of Binoculars

Okay, granted, a pair of binoculars sounds like a really underwhelming gift idea. But bear with us …

If your man likes to hunt …

Or if your man likes the great outdoors …

Or if your man enjoys bird watching …

Or if your man likes to spy on people (WE’RE KIDDING) …

Then a pair of awesome binoculars could actually be a really smart gift idea on your part.

The great thing is that they won’t even need to cost that much – you can probably pick up a good pair of binoculars for less than $50!

And trust us, if he likes any of the above, he’ll really appreciate this gift.

A Video Gaming Chair

We know what it’s like living with a man who plays video games too much already, and the last thing you probably want to do is buy him a gift that makes him want to play video games even more than he already does.

But look, your husband has his hobbies, just as you have yours. Instead of getting on his back about the fact that he likes to play video games, it’s time to show him that you want him to have fun in life.

A video game chair will really make him smile – in fact, it will have him grinning from ear to ear! If you shop around, you should be able to find one that comes with built-in speakers so that he’s more immersed in his video games than ever before.

The video game experience will be so EPIC that you’ll be wanting to join in, too!

And, hey, the chair is really versatile. As well as playing video games in it, your man can also watch movies and sports games in it, too.

Veg Growing Kit

Is your man a big fan of vegetables? Does he just love carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and the like?

And does he see himself as something of a gardener who likes to grow stuff?

If so, a veg growing might be the the ideal birthday gift for him this year.

A veg growing kit can give him so much joy as he not only gets to grow his own vegetables – he gets to eat them too!

A New Blazer

Clothes make the man – and has your man got a suave velvet blazer in his life? If he hasn’t, it’s high time that you added this essential fashion item to his wardrobe.

The blazer is ideal for “dressier occasions” – networking events, trips to the theatre or house parties. Blue is the colour we’d go for, but black works well, too – as does maroon.

Complement his look by buying him a white t-shirt too, as well as a new pair of blue jeans.

An Outdoor Pizza Oven

If your man already has a BBQ grill – or if meat just isn’t really his thing – how about you buy him an outdoor pizza oven instead?

An outdoor pizza oven is a great choice for the man who wants to host more outdoor parties. He can make his own pizzas and treat his guests to his delicious creations.

Add a few bottles of win and we think the party of the year is in the works here.

Where’s the cake …

Do you gave other birthday ideas for husband?

Stay happy!




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