Alan: ‘Aduru Me So’ was underselling me; I warned my team against it


Independent Presidential aspirant, Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, has revealed that some statements by his campaign team worked against him during the NPP Presidential race.

One such statement, he said, was the  Aduro Me So’ label (to wit it’s now my turn).

According to him, the ‘Aduro Me So’ tag undersold him.

“I disagreed with my own Team [making reference to his Campaign Team] on some statements they made about me. They kept on making some of these statements. This a’duro me so statement, I kept on telling them, look, you are underselling me by making it seem as if oh, Alan is just sitting there and he feels entitled to it.

    Mr Kyerematen, who is now leading the Movement for Change to contest the 2024 poll as an independent presidential candidate, made the revelation while speaking with the Host of Citi TV’s Point of View, Bernard Avle.

He stressed that the A’duru Me So tag was not the kind of label befitting him who has worked so hard and was willing to lead the NPP.

“I kept on telling my Team that my strength does not lie with the 200,000 delegates of the party, but then lies with the rank and file of the party.

The NPP rank-and-file, he said, were not the 200,000 people but the 6.5 million and over people who vote for the NPP during national elections.

“This over 6.5 million people are the strength of the NPP and not the 200,000 people,” he emphasised.  

Mr Kyerematen used the space to debunk the claim former President John Agyekum Kufuor orchestrated his candidacy during the 2007 NPP presidential primary.

.He noted that assigning his candidacy at the time solely to Kufuor’s influence was inaccurate and based on hearsay.

He clarified that he was treated similarly to the other aspirants during the 2007 race by former President Agyekum Kufuor.

“It is unfair to President Kufuor for people to create the impression that because I was his favourite, he did all in his power to install me as his heir apparent and the reason I am saying that is that in 2005, all the people who eventually contested [the 2007 presidential primaries] had started doing underground moves and operations and I had made up my mind at that time that I would contest.

“When I went to inform him [President Kufuor] that I had an interest and that my other colleagues had started moves undercover and that if he sees me also operating he should not be surprised, he told me to wait and do my work and that if people felt that I was the right person, they themselves would promote me.

“I went back three months after to tell him that people are campaigning openly and so I want to serve you notice that I will be going and he said, I cannot stop you but I want to tell you that, I will not support you and if there are people that I will support, it will be Nana Akufo-Addo, Aliu Mahama, Papa Owusu Ankomah, and then yourself and if any of you wins, I will be happy,” Mr Kyerematen recounted.



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