Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Ghanaian IT firm creates app to help artistes monetize their work

MUZIKCASHGH, an audio/video monetization, streaming, download and promotion platform is set to be officially launched in Ghana soon!!!

In a bid to grab a ‘pie’ of the growing Global audio/video streaming industry, a Ghanaian start up Information Technology firm, Emerge Plus Systems, has developed an indigenous African audio/video streaming app called MuzikCashgh.

This audio and video app is designed to compete with global audio/video streaming and listing giants like Youtube, Spotify, Sound cloud, iTunes e.t.c.

The application is in sync with government’s digitization policy programme for economic development.

One unique feature of the MuzikCashgh app is that, it allow users to subscribe and purchase audio/visual contents using Mobile Money as well as Visa and MasterCard.

The application comes with the website and an android application on the Google play store

The prime objective of the App as a social media platform is to create a fruitful synergy among Ghanaian content creators and musicians who wish to monetize their works as amongst others in Ghana.

With the MuzikCashgh application, all an artist needs to do is to signup and subscribe to our PRO/PREMIUM ACCOUNT SUBSCRIPTIONS.

This goes for 10Ghc a month and 100Ghc a year to enjoy some revenue from streaming as well as list contents for sale directly to fans using Mobile Money.

Interestingly, Ghanaian artists have consistently claimed top spots over the last few months in the ‘Top Artists’ charts worldwide hence, the emergence of MuzikCashgh App.

With MuzikCashgh, we are hoping to bring the best out of the Ghanaian and African music and entertainment industry for millions of fans across the globe with a wonderful experience.

As little as 1Ghc, a user can buy a premium track on the platform via MoMo.

Another feature of MuzikCashgh is its premium listeners feature which gives fans the best audio/video streaming experience in the unique African way.

Music Artists will also be recognized and rewarded with some cash for topping the MuzikCashgh charts records

MuzikCashgh has already garnered over ten thousand users in its test run and is scheduled to be officially launched in Ghana soon!

The motive behind the MuzikCashgh concept is the ability to help inspire and encourage the youth into creativity for the promotion of entrepreneurship and job creation through I.C.T.

The company is also seeking to have stakeholder collaboration through the engagement of GHAMRO, MUSIGA, FIPAG, the Creative Arts Ministry and other key industry partners in the Ghanaian creative arts industry for the smooth take off of this novel product.

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