Sunday, September 26, 2021

Homeless 16-yr-old mother discharged from hospital

The Homeless 16-yr-old girl, Abigail Nartey, who delivered a baby boy recently has been finally discharged from the hospital.

This was after the National Health Insurance Authority pledged to foot her hospital bills after their attention was drawn to her situation which was published by and Atinka TV.

The Homeless 16-yr-old delivered on Saturday, July 10, 2021 through a C-section at a Hospital in Tema with the little support raised through and Atinka TV’s report.

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Abigail Nartey, who is supposed to be in form 3 in Junior High School was impregnated by an 18-year-old driver’s mate, Joshua.

Although the mate accepted the pregnancy, he gives her GHC20 for upkeep every month.

Throughout her pregnancy, she went for antenatal for only three times because she had no money.

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Sharing her story with Atinka TV’s News Editor, Regina Asamoah, the Homeless 16-yr-old explained that her father sacked her from home because he said she had disgraced him.

When she was sacked, she said the driver’s mate sent her to one of his relatives to live with her since his parents did not accept the pregnancy and could not take her in.

Unfortunately, the auntie of the Mate also sacked Abigail because the Mate was not sending them enough money for upkeep and she could no longer bear the cost.

Abigail said when she was sacked, she had to sleep in front of a store at Tema Community 22 where residents sent her to Social Welfare for help.

When Atinka TV’s Regina Asamoah, who is re-uniting some missing children with their families got to Social Welfare, the Head of Social Welfare and Community Development, Ashaiman, Mr Archibald Mensah explained to her that the facility did not have any immediate support for the pregnant girl.

Abigail’s father and auntie was therefore called to assist her and take responsibility right before she delivered.

Unfortunately, the family did not show any concern even after she delivered.

Even after birth, her family could not cater for her hospital bills until the National Health Insurance Authority came in.

Currently, she is still homeless and would need a place to stay.

She would also need baby items and money to cater for her daily needs.

The Homeless 16-yr-old is therefore pleading with the public to support her with the little they can.

Anyone who feels touched can support her by calling 0594594662 or send any amount to 0594594662, Regina Asamoah.

Ghana l l Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori

Writer’s Email: [email protected]

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