My father abandoned me on my sickbed- Kumawood Actress

A fast rising Kumawood Actress who likes to go anonymous has recounted her sad experiences with her family, especially her Father while growing up.

Speaking on Atinka 104.7 FM’s ‘Obi Adi M’awu’ with Pastor K, the Actress said her Father never showed her any love growing up to the extent that at some point, her father abandoned her to die while she was critically ill and was near death.

Prior to that, she stated that her Father and Mother had separated, and that prior to that, they had argued over where she would live and she ultimately stayed with her mother.

“When my father was informed by a friend of my mother that I was ill, he said that my mother said she could take care of me, so she should do so,” she related.

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Still on her life journey, the Actress who is now doing better in life said later, her father traveled abroad and when he returned, he decided to visit them at home.

She said she told her father she wished to move with him when he left, as she desired to leave the home she shared with her mother and siblings.

According to her, her father instructed her to never believe she has an overseas father.

She then asked her father what she did to deserve such severe treatment from him.

At this point, she felt she had nobody in life although her parents existed.

All these, she said, happened before she entered class six.

Most of the time, she said her mother did not meet her requests whenever she had any, adding that the only thing that followed her request from her mother were insults about her father.

At some point, she said her father stopped supporting her education but she got help from outsiders to complete it.

After completing Junior High School, she said he did not support her but had the offer to study sewing.

Even with that, she asked her father to buy her a sewing machine or support her learning but he also refused.

Despite her struggles and experiences, she was introduced to some ‘Sugar Daddies’ but she refused to give in.

Meanwhile, She was grateful to God for her journey so far.

Ghana|| Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori


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