Covid-19: Impact of guidelines for churches can be assessed after two weeks – E.P. Church Moderator  

Moderator of the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana (E.P. Church), The Very Reverend Seth Senyo Agidi, says although some of the restrictions as outlined by the President and subsequently the Religious Affairs Minister are new to the Church, its effectives can only be assessed after 2 weeks of service.
The President of the Republic of Ghana mentioned that effective Friday, June 5, the process of easing restrictions would start with church and mosque activities. He said churches could hold one hour for each service with not more than 100 participants at a time.
“An abridged format for religious services can commence. Twenty-five percent attendance with a maximum number of congregants can worship at a time in church or mosque with the mandatory one-meter rule of social distancing between congregants,” the President said.
The Minister for Chieftaincy and religious affairs, Kofi Dzamesi, speaking as a press briefing to give detailed guidelines on the government of Ghana’s guidelines for churches to re-open, discouraged churches from singing in groups and use pre-recorded songs or solos for services.
He also directed churches to desist from crowd dancing and waving of handkerchiefs during church services.
Speaking to the issue on Atinka FM’s AM Drive, The Very Reverend Seth Senyo Agidi, said the precautionary measures for reopening of Churches is a step in the right direction but it will take some time for some congregants to adapt to the “new normal”.
According to him, some members will find it difficult to come into terms with some of the precautions which will be seen as “strange’
“These measures of course are going to be very difficult for most of our members in the church. For example, there are people who cannot even pay through the Mobile Money options. The Market women, old ladies etc of them are not used to the new technology.  Those thing will be strange and it is going to be to the disadvantage of the Church”, he added.
He called on the general public especially the Churches to ensure that the Church becomes a safe haven for everyone.
Asked how the EP Church Ghana is going to hold Church services for 100 participants at a time, The Very Reverend Seth Senyo Agidi said the Church is yet to decide.
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