Thursday, September 23, 2021

Video: Atinka TV holds first audition for “Kronkron” band reality show


Atinka TV held the first audition for its new reality show, Kronkron on Sunday at the Church of Pentecost (Mamobi Central).

56 bands had registered to take part in the competition prior to the first audition. 13 bands participated in the audition and six bands were selected while the remaining seven were evicted.

Atinka Media Village launched the new musical reality show, “Kronkron”, at its premises at Avenor Junction in Accra Wednesday.

Kronkron brings together bands to contest in a live worship competition. The show is designed to bring together the very best together to network, share ideas and worship God in a conducive environment.

Each week, there will be a theme which the bands will be required to decipher, adapt and perform to their best ability.

The musical bands will be judged by competent music trainers and producers with in-depth knowledge of the music industry.

The participating musical bands will be judged on skill, adaptation, and cohesion and song structure. Kronkron reality show will award mouthwatering prizes to respective winners.

The next audition  will be held at the Church of Pentecost, Dr. Wyatt Assembly at New Town on Wednesday.



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