AngloGold Ashanti denies covering pit to kill illegal miners


AngloGold Ashanti has debunked allegations by some illegal miners that it covered a mining pit to kill galamseyers.

Some miners trapped under a pit at Aweam in Obuasi, accused AngloGold Ashanti of intentionally covering a pit to kill them .

According to a Victim, Nana Yaw, they (miners) were mining on part of AngloGold Ashanti concession when the owners covered the pit.

It was reported that over 300 illegal miners had been trapped under AngloGold Ashanti concession at Aweam in Obuasi.

According to reports, the victims have been trapped under the pit for about five days without food or water and no one has come to rescue them.

Although the site was closed, Nana Yaw admitted that they went there illegally to mine because of ‘hunger’.

He explained that normally, before the AngloGold Ashanti closes any pit, they alert the miners so that they can come out but this time, they were hinted that on Monday, the pit would be closed, only for them to realise on Sunday that the pit had been covered.

He said some of his colleagues are already dead while the rest are crying for help .

“They have used an excavator to cover the entire area so that there is no way to escape.” Even at this point in our entrapment, they are unwilling to come and free us. Some of my colleagues are dead and lying on the floor, he said.

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In a statement to debunk the allegation, AngloGold Ashanti said unauthorized persons underground were able to exit on foot, via an existing ramp, through the main access of the mining area.

“No person underground has been confined in any way and the main exit ramp from the mine remains open. Obuasi Gold Mine’s management team has notified the relevant authorities and public security services and is working closely with them,” it stated.

AngloGold Ashanti stated that on Monday, May 29,2023, seven illegal miners exited through the main access point on foot and are in the custody of the Ghana Police Service.

“Any unauthorized person underground is encouraged to leave the mine at any time by the exit points where public security personnel remain on standby,” it added.

Meanwhile, it again said,”Intrusion of illegal miners into underground areas remains a significantly dangerous activity and AngloGold Ashanti Ghana is working alongside authorities to ensure that only authorized mine personnel and contractors can access underground work areas.
The safety and security of our employees and community members remain our top priority and AngloGold Ashanti Ghana stands ready to provide any assistance required by the authorities in ensuring the safe exit of any unauthorized persons underground.”

Ghana|| Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori


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